Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yes, Yes I Have.

While at my grandparents' house in small town Saskatchewan yesterday I was sitting on the couch with my brother. I had my feet curled up at my side and when he looked down and caught a glimpse of them all he could say was, "Naaasty." Yes, the dreaded case of Summer Foot has begun: cracked heels, grown-out pedicure, and general dryness from the wearing of flip flops. He pointed to the callous I had on the bottom of my big toe and expressed how sick he thought it looked. I defended, "It's just a callous!"
Then he asked, "What, have you been playing guitar with your toe?"
I am going home today.

Amanda Brown at 8:02 AM


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Minky Blanky and a Growing Belly

Today my mom looked at me and said, "I think you've gotten bigger since you've been here." And I think she's right. How is it possible for one's stomach to pop out even more in a matter of days?! 'Tis a mystery. Here are some of the fabrics that we chose for the baby's quilt. It's going to be kind of a random, crazy quilt, like my baby's momma. I can't wait to see the finished product.
And here's a full length shot of said bustin' out belly!
Brace yourselves for my return, WestJet! I may need two seats.

Today I bought two outfits for the baby. One will be perfect for her to come home from the hospital in. The other is pink and soft and it's Baby Guess (new with tags from a consignment store...can't pass up a deal like that). I want to buy everything! I do believe that nesting mode has begun. I want to have all things settled RIGHT NOW. I know that there's still 11 weeks till the baby's born, but dangnabbit, I need the diaper genie NOW! And a playpen NOW! And a video camera NOW! And a baby monitor NOW! The list goes on and on and potentially I am going to blow a lot of dough in the next two months. Which will thrill Steve to no end.

Here's a question for all you moms out there: our nursery set has already been used by two other girls who both slept in the crib well past two years of age. Do we need to buy a new mattress for the crib, or will it be OK for one more baby? I have heard that newborns need a good, firm mattress to reduce the risk of SIDS and of course I don't want to take any chances. Any recommendations?

Amanda Brown at 7:48 PM


Puppy Pee? I Don't Mind It.

I got an email today from my sister-in-law's boyfriend and he attached a picture he had taken of Rolo when he was in Summerland for a visit on the Easter weekend. Seeing my little puppy makes me realize that I miss that mutt! Today my mom and I stopped in at a pet shop to look at the puppies. There were five tiny pups in an open pen that people were allowed to pick up and cuddle. Unfortunately we arrived just after one of the puppies had dropped a mushy log in the pen and all but one of the dogs had rolled in the turd. The one poo-free puppy was quickly scooped up by my mom and then she handed her over to me after she'd had her fill. I am not even sure what kind of dog it was, but she was cute! She was white with chocolate eyes and she nuzzled in close to my neck. I love the way puppies smell. So new and fresh and a little bit like pee, but it's puppy pee, so it's OK. Just as I was thinking about puppy pee, I felt a little wet spot form on my shirt. The puppy peed on my belly!
It dried.
Kind of.
It was worth being peed on for some puppy lovin'.
I can't wait to see Rolo and force him to cuddle with me.
And Steve for that matter.

Amanda Brown at 5:08 PM


Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My mom and I? We like to shop. When I was a preteen we would spend our Saturdays at the mall, sipping sodas in the food court and buying the essentials for each change of season. When I became a snotty teenager, I would go to the mall with my girlfriends and we would spend our $10 allowances on lame shirts from Suzy Shier, while trying to catch the eyes of all the (not so hot) hotties who were also hanging out at the Cornwall Centre. I wasn't stupid, though. When I actually needed some new clothes, I went with mom. She had the wallet. And she's always been happy to buy me the occasional article of clothing to make me feel pretty.
Today we headed out to a high-end quilting shop that one of my mom's friends works at. We picked out the most perfect materials for making a quilt for the baby...lavenders and greens abounded in the quaint little store and I think we'll have a masterpiece laying in the crib in no time. My mom's friend is going to sew the quilt as a gift for the baby, and my mom bought the material. I am so excited!
Then we went to another fabric store to hunt for material to make nursery curtains with. Would you believe that they had the exact same fabric that the bumper pads are made of there? And it was 40% off! It couldn't have worked out better! Our curtains will be a pale green, to contrast the lavender walls, and I am hoping I won't botch them up too badly. Yes, you heard correctly, I am going to attempt to sew the curtains myself. I am an imbecile with a needle and thread and have only ever sewn a "sundress" which looked more like a potato sack, but I figure I can handle stitching a few straight seams. Time will tell.
Then we went to a scrapbook store and my mom bought me a beautiful baby album.
Does she rock, or what?
It's been a good day, filled with shopping, laughing, and stopping for ice cream cones.

Amanda Brown at 4:46 PM


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Rae of Sunshine

Today I had lunch with Rae. We have known each other for over 15 years but have done an atrocious job of keeping in touch since graduation. It had been well over three years since we last spoke, but as soon as I walked into Moxie's today and saw her get out of the booth and walk towards me with arms open, ready for a hug, I knew we would have no problem making up for lost time. We jumped right into recapping everything that life has held for us in the past few years, and while our paths have been quite different, it was refreshing to see how Rae has stayed true to herself and her passions. She is an accomplished dancer and choreographer who is still following her dreams. We reminisced about old times, about who's fat now, who's married, who's dead...pretty nuts to think of all that's happened since the grad class of Winston Knoll Collegiate tossed their caps in the air.
We shared a delicious lunch, then went shopping. I found a dress! And shoes! And a necklace! And earrings! Rae was my good luck charm.
Thanks for the great visit, Rae. Hopefully it won't be another three years until we next meet.

Amanda Brown at 3:22 PM


Monday, April 24, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

The pregnancy dreams have been getting weirder. Last night I dreamt that I had the baby and she had to stay at the hospital for a few weeks. But I kept forgetting to go and visit her. Then I realized, "Oh no! My milk is going to dry up and I won't be able to nurse her!" so I went to the hospital to try to breastfeed her. She latched on and a little bit of milk came out. I was relieved that I had some left. Then, my boob started to spew this crazy gush of neon green milk. It was out of control and spraying everywhere.
Good story, hey?
Today has been nice. I went for a walk with my momma in the morning, then we got groceries, then went on a hunt for a dress for me to wear to Steph's wedding. I tried on every dress in Motherhood Maternity and had no success. Everything was either too low cut (these jugs need support!) or the mediums were too tight across the bust but the larges were gaping. Ugh. I hate feeling like there's something wrong with my body and every article of clothing looks wrong on it. Walking past Le Chateau and seeing the stick thin mannequins in the windows, then seeing the reflection of my bloated profile in the same windows, now that does wonders for the self esteem. I know that my pregnant body is beautiful and I am so thankful for this experience, but when maternity clothes don't fit right, you can't help but feel like a beluga.
Tomorrow I am meeting up with an old friend (hi, Rae!) for lunch and it will be good to reconnect after all these years.
I am enjoying the days here and the chance to unwind and relax.

Amanda Brown at 8:17 PM


Sunday, April 23, 2006

With a Spoon

So, I made it. Here I am, sitting at the computer in the basement I grew up in. So much is the same, but so much is different. I'm having a hard time remembering that I used to be a teenager in this house, that I used to talk on the phone in my bedroom downstairs for hours to boys, that I used to walk upstairs and dig something out of the fridge and ask when dinner was. It's nice to be back for a visit, though.
The flight was basically uneventful. Aside from the fact that I was seated in the very last row of the plane, right next to the only working lavatory on board. In the one and a half hour flight to Edmonton, over 16 people used the bathroom. Didn't they void before getting on the plane?! Couldn't they hold it for a few minutes? It wouldn't have normally been a big deal to me; if you gotta go, you gotta go. But being seated right next to the bathroom was less than ideal. Each time the door opened, I was hit with the pungent odour of concentrated air freshener mixed with the aroma of poo. And the door swung open and shut for basically the entire flight. At least there were in-flight TVs showing TLC's "What Not To Wear" to distract me. Owell, if being assaulted by raunchy smells for 90 minutes is the greatest of my worries, then I think I'm doing okay.
Yesterday was a balmy 23 degrees (Celsius) and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood lake wearing my capris and no jacket. When I woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground. The prairies. Go figure. Hopefully the weather will smarten up as I only brought sandals to wear.
Pictures to come...

Amanda Brown at 9:38 AM


Friday, April 21, 2006

He Didn't Do the Math

Back in January I booked a flight to go and visit my family in Saskatchewan. Prior to the booking, I called Steve up and said, "I'm thinking about going to Regina from April 22-29. Is that OK with you?" (We had already discussed that since Steve would be unable to take the time off of work, I would be flying solo.)
He said, "Yep."
And I booked the flight.
A few months later I mentioned that I was getting excited about my upcoming week in Regina. He stopped, "What? You'll be gone for a whole week?!"
"Yes, you knew that. When I asked you about the dates you were fine with them."
"Well, I didn't realize you'd want to ditch me for an entire week! I can't BELIEVE it!!" he wailed.
And he's been sulking about it ever since.
Poor Stevie. It's nice to know I'll be missed. But he's been giving me the evil eye when I put things in my suitcase or talk about which groceries he'd like me to pick up for him before I leave. Of course I am going to miss my dear hubby whilst I am gone, but I'll phone him every day and heaven knows he'll be so busy that he probably won't even note my absence until he crawls into the cold bed at night.
I am really looking forward to spending some time with my family though. I am in need of a bit of a break, some time to let my momma pamper me before I become a momma myself. And I haven't seen my brother since he got back from his year in England (and yes, he did come through with the Belgian will be waiting for me in Regina).
I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to blog from the Queen City, so don't fret.

Amanda Brown at 9:59 AM


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Secret Weenie

Lately I have been mildly worried that the ultrasound images that revealed the sex of our little girl could be wrong. I know we wouldn't be the first parents to be shocked to find out that the daughter they had been expecting was really a son. Who will have to live in a lavender nursery and wear dresses because his parents were idiots.
Maybe that's why we can't agree on a girl's name...because we're not having a girl. I don't know. We had two ultrasounds and the tech got a really good look between the gams and saw girl parts both times, so I guess that's what I'll have to go on.
But sometimes, I wonder.

Amanda Brown at 3:00 PM


Sunshine, Baby

The view from our deck this morning.
A nearly 7-month pregnant me, budding apple trees, and sunshine gleaming off the lake.

Amanda Brown at 7:58 AM


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kicky Boots

As I have mentioned before, Steve and I have a lot of silly nicknames for Rolo. And a lot of silly songs we sing to Rolo. One of Rolo's nicknames is Kissy-Boots, taken from an episode of Teen Girl Squad from (If the link doesn't work, simply go to, click on toons, and choose Teen Girl Squad episode #8.) We call Rolo Kissy-Boots because he always tries to make out with us. He loves to lick our faces and our noses and our chins. He's very amourous. Anyways, Kissy Boots is his name-o.
Last night we were laying in bed and the baby was moving around a lot. I got Steve to place his hand on my belly so he could feel her and she gave him a swift kick. It was great! So naturally, we have named our baby Kicky-Boots. And we sang her this song,
"Ooncha, ooncha, one, two three-cha!
Your name's Kicky-Boots, we can't wait to meetcha!"
End scene.

Amanda Brown at 10:34 AM


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moments on the Farm

We have quite a few dirt piles around our orchard. Top soil, silt, sand and rocks are mounded into huge gatherings to be used for landscaping and around the farm. Rolo loves to chill on these dirt piles. He cozies himself in at the base of them, surrounding himself with filth, and he naps. And then I take pictures of him and he stirs and gets mad that I am always stalking him with the camera. Little does he know that soon and very soon I will have a new photographic obssession and will be snapping thousands of images of our baby and Rolo will become the number two beast in our home. Really, he should be enjoying the way I smother him with cuddles and force him to sit on my lap. He'll miss these days.

And here's a profile shot. I call it "Big Belly, Big Boobs and a Messy Yard."

Amanda Brown at 6:50 PM



Nesting. 'Tis a glorious endeavor. Here are a few pictures of the nursery in all of its painted glory. I don't know if the photos will do justice to just how adorable the room truly is, but hopefully they'll give you a faint idea. The walls are still quite bare, and we need curtains and some ambience, but for now I am pleased.
While Steve was hauling in the loads of diapers (a bit of overeagerness never killed anyone, did it?) and baby stuff and groceries for me, he accidentally dropped a four-litre container of milk and it busted all over the floor.
Rolo was appropriately thrilled.

After we had finished painting, Steve moved all of the furniture back into the baby's room. I walked in and found in assembling the mobile over the crib. And my heart, it melted. He's going to be such a good dad and when I see him hold our daughter for the first time I am going to be reduced to a pile of weeping rubble.

Amanda Brown at 6:43 PM


The Sun is Shining and So Am I

Today is the first in a while that I actually feel like myself.
The sun is shining on the placid lake of glass and the blossoms are bursting forth in all their glory.
And I had McDonalds for lunch.
At Jen's house.
And shared three of my fries with her daughter, Abby.
And tonight I am going to aquasize.
And to my delight I haven't gained any weight in the past two weeks.
And my baby's room is THE BEST EVER.
And yesterday I bought wicker baskets with linen liners to hold my new stash of newborn diapers, butt cream, and baby powder.
And I don't have to cook tonight since we're still grazing on Easter leftovers.
And I'm finally all caught up on the blog reading I missed over the long weekend.
Today? Is a good one.

Amanda Brown at 1:54 PM


Monday, April 17, 2006

Lethargy and Lavender

I am exhausted.
I haven't posted on here since Wednesday, but for many good reasons.
I was very sick with some sort of stomach bug on Thursday and basically spent the day rotating from the couch, then my bed, and back to the couch, sprawled on my body pillow feeling sorry for myself. Being sick SUCKS. I completely take for granted all of the days when my body is functioning normally and I don't feel as though I've been run over by a tractor. When I am sick, my negative side emerges. I am riddled with thoughts like "I shall be sick forever. This will not pass." Really uplifting. Anyways, it was a 24 hour bug and by Friday I had perked up and was feeling better. Since then I have still had a lack of appetite (which is STRANGE for me) and nothing looks good. I haven't felt hungry in four days and everything in the fridge makes me say, "Meh." I baked homemade buns for Easter dinner at our house and only took one bite of mine. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.
Aside from feeling kind of queasy, the weekend has been good. The baby's room is all painted a lovely shade of lavender and it looks mah-velous! I am so happy to have it all done. I'll post some photos when my stupid camera batteries are recharged. Without fail, whenever I sit down to upload some pictures, my batteries die. Every time. It's neat.
Steve's sister and her boyfriend spent the weekend with us and we had much fun watching movies, going out for a birthday dinner, painting, dirtbiking (sans me), and chowing down on Easter dinner. It was the first time I had ever hosted a holiday meal, and I think it went pretty well. Potatoes au gratin, slow-cooked broccoli bake, corn, homemade buns and a ham (care of the mother-in-law).
I am tired.

Amanda Brown at 6:28 PM


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Pool Shall Take the Blame

My dear friend Kristin commented on my last post about some of the other escapades I've had in the pool before and I think it's safe to say that when I'm swimming, I am not myself. I do things I ought not to.
When we were kids we would wear goggles and swim underwater and play the part of peeping toms, checking out teenagers who were making out with legs entwined. I know, so very cool.
My favourite was Kristin's mention of our special brand of the game "catch". We would stand a few metres apart and throw a ball back and forth, catching it with glee. Then one of us would deliberately hurl the ball at an unsuspecting swimmer and pretend that it was an accident. They would turn and see who had thrown it and we would shrug our shoulders in apology as if to say, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that."
But really, we did.
We meant it wholeheartedly.
What a terrible child I was.
I am going to get what's coming to me, I fear.

Amanda Brown at 11:34 AM


Took Me Back

Last night at Aquasize I was having a little too much fun. Jen and I were doing airbands to Martina McBride (truth be told, it was mainly me doing the lip synching...Jen just laughed) while grooving in the water and I guess we got a little carried away.
The instructor took off his Backstreet Boy-esque microphone, held it out to me and said, "Do you want this?"
In that instant I shrunk to the height of two feet.
I didn't mean to be cause a riotous distraction.
I didn't mean to take away from his leading.
I didn't mean to be a bad person.
But I felt pretty dumb.
Christy asked, while she gracefully bopped in the pool, "Did you get in trouble a lot when you were a kid in school?"
I nodded.
I was always getting warnings for talking to much, laughing too much, and being too loud.
Pardon me for enjoying life.
I guess I still have a ways to go in learning the art of appropriate public behavior.

Amanda Brown at 10:38 AM


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Sprouts, They Scare Me

It's been a while since I opened the lazy susan which houses my potatoes. Now that it's spring I've been cooking more with lighter vegetables and it's been a few months since I made mashed taters. I'm hosting the family Easter meal this year and thought that scalloped potatoes would go nicely with the ham we're having, so I checked on my potato supply.
And screamed when I saw what was lurking in my cupboard.
I HATE potato sprouts. There is something very disturbing about them and I hate how they are thick and spiney and smelly and firm and how the potato itself gets all shrivelly as the sprout steals its vigor from the dying apple of the earth.

I think my dislike of potato sprouts stems from a childhood memory. When my mom took the occasional nursing shift we would get babysat at the home of a girl my age named Karen Bonk. Karen was kind of mean. One day she called me down to the cellar and told me she had something to show me. I entered the room and she hucked a big sprouty potato at me.

Normal people don't let their potatoes get this sprouty, do they?
Here are a few more of the treasures I found.

I threw them all away.

Amanda Brown at 9:41 PM


In My Mind's Eye

Blogging has crept from my real world into my dream world.
Last night I dreamt about blogging.
Nothing thrilling, I was just reading people's comments and posts and it was swell.
I have become a true internet nerd.
And it feels good.

Amanda Brown at 2:21 PM


Monday, April 10, 2006


Last night while watching Grey's Anatomy (which was a!) I had a few (okay, four) cookies that Adele had baked for the occasion. They were these chewy, greasy chocolate chip concoctions that slid down my gullet with ease. And they were very thin, which is why I had four. Really, it was only like two. Stop judging.
When I came home I was talking to Steve in his office and I began to feel some ominous tremors in my guts. "I don't feel so well," I stuttered, then ran to the bathroom to have a sudden and severe case of the diarrhea. Steve came in to check on me and see if I was OK.
What a sweetie.
I kindly asked for some privacy and spent the next 10 minutes moaning in agony while my body expelled the culprits.
Gross, I know.
When I was emptied, I stumbled to our bedroom and crawled under the covers. Steve marched in a few seconds later, with a mighty smirk on his face.
He was holding his little digital recorder in his hand.
Turns out that when he came in to see how I was feeling as I was writhing on the can, he planted the recorder on the counter next to the toilet (I hadn't noticed at the time). The stupid little machine captured the sound of my every groan.
Steve thought this was hilarious, of course.
I am so loved.

Amanda Brown at 9:03 AM


Friday, April 07, 2006

What To Do

The church I work for keeps food vouchers on hand for those in need. From time to time, people will come into the office and tell me of their hard luck or how they need some milk for their kids before payday and I give them a $10 or $20 certificate for the local grocery store. I think it's important for those in the community to know that if they need a helping hand, we're here to support them, even if it's something as small or simple as enabling them to buy some bread and meat for their family.
However, sometimes I wonder if I am actually helping some of the people, or just perpetuating a negative cycle. Some people come in on a monthly basis, reeking of cigarette smoke, asking for their handout. It's as if they budget the $20 from the good ol' church into their monthly income so they can spend that $20 of their own on a few extra packs of smokes or some six-packs. I know that sounds like a harsh judgement, but I have witnessed it firsthand. I know the history of the people and it saddens me that they are so desperate, but also that they can't seem to dislodge themselves from their ruts.
How can we really help?
I feel pretty arrogant sitting here at my desk telling someone that I'm not going to let them feed their family this week, so I usually hand out a voucher. Sometimes it seems like I'm helping, but other times it seems like I'm being taken advantage of.

Amanda Brown at 10:34 AM


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stupid Placenta

At my last ultrasound it was confirmed that my placenta is lying on the anterior side of my uterus, which means it's at the front of my belly. This isn't cause for concern, but it can affect the sensations of the baby's movement since the kicks and flutters are often cushioned by the placenta. I am nearly 26 weeks pregnant and the movement I feel has still been quite faint, compared to what other mothers have experienced. I was starting to get worried that something was wrong, and it's hard when you don't feel those reassuring boots in the ribs, but this afternoon she has been bopping around like mad.
A relief.
I was so excited to make it through the first trimester without miscarrying. Then I was filled with joy to brimming when we found out the cysts had disappeared. But even with all those milestones behind us, there is still the realization that we are powerless in this whole endeavor. Sure, I can eat healthily and not go in hot tubs and pass on the booze, but even with all that there are no guarantees that things will work out perfectly.
I think we've boarded a scary train.
But I'm still so thankful to be on it.

Amanda Brown at 3:41 PM


The Content Abounds

My daily visit from one of the quirky ladies from town was espcially funny today. She was telling me about her cat, one of her many. She said, "My cat's name is Oliver but my son calls him Jelly Bean. Because he's got his knicker-bobbers chopped off."
How am I supposed to keep a straight face when hearing tales like these?

Amanda Brown at 1:58 PM



I am proud of my pregnant belly. I am happy that we live in an era where women aren't forced to wear homely tent dresses to shield their blossoming bellies. I like being able to still find trendy clothes and feel remotely as I did prior to getting pregnant. 'Tis fun indeed.
But every now and again a strange feeling will surge through my veins when I catch someone looking at my belly.
I feel exposed.
As though they know what it took to get the baby in me.
What is a private and intimate act of love between me and my husband results in something that is obvious to all.
Kind of a weird contrast, I think.

Amanda Brown at 10:38 AM


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The new stroller, one of my new outfits, and a new day.
I wanted to try to cram Rolo into the stroller but decided against it. He looks much classier just standing on his own. You can see the patch that Steve shaved off his bum (Rolo's bum, not Steve's) if you look closely.

Amanda Brown at 5:48 PM



So, we did it.
I, along with three brave friends, hopped into the pool last night for an hour of calculated flailing and kicking and bouncing in the water.
It was great!
There were about 12 people in the class. We were the youngest, by far, and, of course, the hottest. There was only one man in the pool with us, a devoted husband who came to be with his wife. How sweet.
I had been expecting our instructor to be a hard-bodied, perky little woman lifeguard, but instead he was a little chubby with a gut that rivalled mine. He was really into it, though, and seemed to be having fun so the rest of us were put at ease. The crazy dance music started pumping and we began to follow the instructor's pool side leading. The song choices were hilarious! Everything was a peppy remix, from Shania Twain to the Beatles.
About halfway through the hour we moved into the deep water for the more challenging portion of the class. We had to wear these floaty belts and do all sorts of hard stuff like flutter-kicking forcefully enough to keep our heads, shoulders and raised arms above the water.
After a few seconds of vigorous flutter-kicking, I got the WORST FOOTCRAMP OF MY LIFE and had to dog paddle to the side of the pool to weep in private. It took a good four minutes to be able to extend my toes again. I felt like such a narf.
Owell, I was fine after that and the rest of the class was great. I am definitely feeling the effects of the workout today. My thighs are achey and my arms are tender. They say that water aerobics are only as challenging as you choose to make them, meaning you determine the level of resistance at which you want to work out. Well, I worked it, baby!
The highlight of the night was at the beginning of the class. Our instructor asked if anyone had any medical conditions that he needed to be made aware of. I raised my hand and said that I was pregnant.
"Well, you must be very early in your pregnancy."
"Actually, I'm six and a half months."
"Wow. You're lucky."
Meaning, he didn't think I looked like an obese orca!
Hurrah for a little boost to the ol' self esteem.

Amanda Brown at 8:56 AM


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Very First

Yesterday I had my very first butt massage.
To be politically correct, perhaps I should call it a lumbar massage, so my massage therapist doesn't get fired for misconduct. Truth be told he was very prudent and I didn't feel weird showing a bit of my plumber's crack so he could work on my sciatica. It's still kind of tender when I walk, but I'm hoping to nip this problem in the bud and not have to be in agony for the final months of pregnancy.
Tonight is my first aquasize class! I am excited to splash in pool like a retired, wrinkly grandma. And the fact that Adele, Jen and Christy will be making equal fools of themselves shall make it that much more enjoyable. The class is an hour long, which is actually quite a while to spend in the pool. I hope I like it.

Amanda Brown at 2:31 PM


Monday, April 03, 2006

Sword in the Bull

My brother is finishing his stint in Europe by travelling around Spain and Belgium. He has strict orders to bring me back a few good pounds of Belgian chocolate, and he had better deliver. I haven't heard from him too much in the past while as he's been scooting around the foreign countries, but when I talked to my parents yesterday they mentioned that he went to a bull fight in Spain. "How cool is that?" I thought. But then my dad went on to explain that Steve (my brother...yes, his name is Steve too. It's confusing, so I call him Peeve to clear up the madness) had actually been quite disturbed by it. "What's so disturbing about seeing a little Spanish man wave a red flag in front of a bull?" I asked.
To which my dad replied, "Don't you know that they kill the bull at the end?"
"What? Why?! I thought it was all just fun and games, watching the matador get chased by a bull."
Apparently not.
They stick a bunch of little swords into the bull, and then finish him off with a really big sword that kills him.
My poor brother. He has a really soft heart, as far as those of guys go. When our cat, Misty, had to be put down, he held her in his arms while she took her last breath and pinned a photo of her on his wall for years following. He loves animals and I imagine the shock of watching a bull being slaughtered was quite disheartening for him.
Poor Peeve.
Maybe I'll share some of my Belgian chocolate with him when I see him in Regina in a few weeks.
Maybe not, though.
He'll get over it.

Amanda Brown at 3:03 PM



This weekend has been a stuff extravaganza! On Friday all of the maternity clothes I'd ordered off of Ebay arrived and they all fit perfectly (with the exception of the khaki bermuda shorts...when you can see your cellulite through the material, it's bad news). It's so nice to have some more variety in my wardrobe and I feel pretty stylin'. I'll do that photoshoot yet, so you can see just how stunning I truly am. :)
Then I got a phone call from my mom explaining that she had purchased a stroller for us at The Bay in Regina and it was waiting for us at The Bay in Penticton. It's a Graco 4-in-1 travel system that has the car seat that clicks into the stroller. Just what we wanted! Thanks, mom and pop!
Jen and I headed into Penticton on Saturday to run a few errands and pick up the stroller. We carted it out to the car and first tried to place the huge box in the trunk. It was too big, so we next tried to place it in the back seat. We managed to wedge about three inches of the huge box into the car, and after ten minutes of trying to ram it into the back seat, we gave up. We were laughing so hard, of course that didn't help. Eventually we ended up taking the stroller out of the massive box and placing it in, piece by piece. I don't understand why they would make a box that's so huge! Not every prospective parent drives a pick up truck or and SUV. Some prospective parents drive a 1986 Toyota Corolla with blue plaid upholstery and a muffler so loud it can be heard from miles away.
Anyways, I was feeling pretty excited about the stroller and new duds, but since then even more baby stuff has been pouring in. There is such a generous community of friends here in Summerland and they have been gracing us with bags upon bags of gently used baby clothes, bouncy chairs, baby swings, mobiles, and what not. We are so lucky! The nursery is filling up!
It seems like there's still so far to go until our baby is born, but in reality the next 15 weeks are sure to pass us by more quickly than we imagine. I know that the last month of pregnancy will feel eternal, but I am looking forward to having the time off work to stock up the freezer with casseroles and baking, finish decorating the nursery (we've chosen lavender and sage green as the colours), and being a beached whale by the lake.
My sciata has been acting up with brute force each time I go for a walk, and the middle of the night calf cramps have begun. Hurrah!
In short, all is well, the weekend was swell and I'm feeling good.
Hope you can all say the same.

Amanda Brown at 9:03 AM