Thursday, April 20, 2006

Secret Weenie

Lately I have been mildly worried that the ultrasound images that revealed the sex of our little girl could be wrong. I know we wouldn't be the first parents to be shocked to find out that the daughter they had been expecting was really a son. Who will have to live in a lavender nursery and wear dresses because his parents were idiots.
Maybe that's why we can't agree on a girl's name...because we're not having a girl. I don't know. We had two ultrasounds and the tech got a really good look between the gams and saw girl parts both times, so I guess that's what I'll have to go on.
But sometimes, I wonder.

Amanda Brown at 3:00 PM



at 3:08 PM Blogger Jen said...

We worried about that too! I'm sure baby will come out as a girl. :)

at 3:17 PM Blogger Amanda Franks said...

I've heard many times that they're not 100% but I have yet to meet anyone who was told one thing and got another. (I know it happens I've just never met anyone it happened to).

at 4:24 PM Blogger Danica said...

Stranger things have happened.

at 4:49 PM Anonymous whoorl said...

If your baby was a boy, you would know by now. The penis and scrotum are pretty much "in your face" on an ultrasound. Trust me on this one! :)

So don't worry, a girl is on the way!

at 6:13 PM Blogger Heidi said...

I have seen several supposed to be girls that were actually boys. Sorry! There is no mistaking boy parts but often those little boy parts actually hide. I was in a delivery of a girl who had u/s by the obstetrician and more than one, and their little girl came out with a handle. I am sure that you will be in love either way, but just keep it far back in your mind that mistakes happen.

at 9:10 PM Blogger Angella said...

I hope it's a girl, for planning sake. If not, we'll have a painting party. And at least the bed sheets are green, not pink :)

at 11:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Name her Anneliese!


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