Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Nesting. 'Tis a glorious endeavor. Here are a few pictures of the nursery in all of its painted glory. I don't know if the photos will do justice to just how adorable the room truly is, but hopefully they'll give you a faint idea. The walls are still quite bare, and we need curtains and some ambience, but for now I am pleased.
While Steve was hauling in the loads of diapers (a bit of overeagerness never killed anyone, did it?) and baby stuff and groceries for me, he accidentally dropped a four-litre container of milk and it busted all over the floor.
Rolo was appropriately thrilled.

After we had finished painting, Steve moved all of the furniture back into the baby's room. I walked in and found in assembling the mobile over the crib. And my heart, it melted. He's going to be such a good dad and when I see him hold our daughter for the first time I am going to be reduced to a pile of weeping rubble.

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at 7:03 PM Blogger Jen said...

Looks great!

You guys are going to be great parents! Seeing a daddy with his baby daughter for the first time is definitely a moment that will turn you into a puddle on the floor. :) I love Steve's subtle excitement.

at 10:30 PM Blogger Amanda Franks said...

I think it looks like a great nursery. I think paint does so much for a room. And the way the change table looks like it's ready for a catalogue shoot. Nesting is good, you're so right. I hope you can get everything you want to get done done so you can relax for a bit before the babe arrives!

at 9:53 AM Blogger Kaili said...

So sweet! Baby ____ will LOVE it!
Isn't it cute to catch Daddy's being excited about Baby? I love it!
You are so ahead of us, we don't even have all our diapers yet. We are going cloth, and I am wanting to find the PERFECT cloth diaper for our little Babe's bottom!

at 10:53 AM Anonymous Leah said...

Love the changing table and the crib. So elegant!

at 8:26 PM Blogger Tara said...

It looks great!!!!!


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