Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kicky Boots

As I have mentioned before, Steve and I have a lot of silly nicknames for Rolo. And a lot of silly songs we sing to Rolo. One of Rolo's nicknames is Kissy-Boots, taken from an episode of Teen Girl Squad from (If the link doesn't work, simply go to, click on toons, and choose Teen Girl Squad episode #8.) We call Rolo Kissy-Boots because he always tries to make out with us. He loves to lick our faces and our noses and our chins. He's very amourous. Anyways, Kissy Boots is his name-o.
Last night we were laying in bed and the baby was moving around a lot. I got Steve to place his hand on my belly so he could feel her and she gave him a swift kick. It was great! So naturally, we have named our baby Kicky-Boots. And we sang her this song,
"Ooncha, ooncha, one, two three-cha!
Your name's Kicky-Boots, we can't wait to meetcha!"
End scene.

Amanda Brown at 10:34 AM



at 10:49 AM Anonymous Leah said...

You guys are awesome.

at 11:32 AM Blogger Will said...

at least the baby wont be named Cheerleader, whatsherface, so and so or the ugly one.

at 12:10 PM Blogger Jen said...

I agree with will. Kicky boots is better than the ugly one!

SOOO exciting that Steve got to feel baby girl kick! :) I'm sure he will be even more excited about the upcoming arrival of his daughter now. :)

at 12:52 PM Blogger Angella said...

I think she'll be as nutty as you two :)

at 2:56 PM Blogger christy said...

So doote. As in cute. That's what we say round here.

at 4:48 PM Blogger Kaili said...

So cute! I bet Steve was thrilled to be kicked, by your darling little sweetie! It sounds funny to be excited about being kicked, but it just is.

at 7:39 PM Blogger Amanda Franks said...

"End Scene" Oh you crack me up. All I see is Jack from Will and Grace. Fun times at the Brown's house.


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