Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moments on the Farm

We have quite a few dirt piles around our orchard. Top soil, silt, sand and rocks are mounded into huge gatherings to be used for landscaping and around the farm. Rolo loves to chill on these dirt piles. He cozies himself in at the base of them, surrounding himself with filth, and he naps. And then I take pictures of him and he stirs and gets mad that I am always stalking him with the camera. Little does he know that soon and very soon I will have a new photographic obssession and will be snapping thousands of images of our baby and Rolo will become the number two beast in our home. Really, he should be enjoying the way I smother him with cuddles and force him to sit on my lap. He'll miss these days.

And here's a profile shot. I call it "Big Belly, Big Boobs and a Messy Yard."

Amanda Brown at 6:50 PM



at 9:17 PM Blogger Angella said...

Way to catch up on the posts!! Sweet nursery, sweet day overall, and sweet Stevie.

I'm also anxiously awaiting Baby Brown :)

at 10:53 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

Man- I need to get myself pregnant so I can grow me some boobs! Just kidding- I think I'll get married first and see where that takes me. That baby's room, the belly and the boobs- all looking great. Loving seeing you become a mother..mom..mommy, etc.

at 1:24 PM Blogger Danica said...

Nice Jugs! Milk jugs that is.


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