Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am proud of my pregnant belly. I am happy that we live in an era where women aren't forced to wear homely tent dresses to shield their blossoming bellies. I like being able to still find trendy clothes and feel remotely as I did prior to getting pregnant. 'Tis fun indeed.
But every now and again a strange feeling will surge through my veins when I catch someone looking at my belly.
I feel exposed.
As though they know what it took to get the baby in me.
What is a private and intimate act of love between me and my husband results in something that is obvious to all.
Kind of a weird contrast, I think.

Amanda Brown at 10:38 AM



at 10:51 AM Blogger Jen said...

LOL! I used to think about that all the time. I'd always think "Now everyone FOR SURE knows I've done it!"

at 11:58 AM Blogger Angella said...

That's funny...I've NEVER thought of that. When I see pregnant bellies, I just think "BABY!"
And I assumed that's what people thought when they looked at me :)

at 3:11 PM Blogger Sarah said...

haha that's kinda funny when you think about it. i have to say amanda you look hot as a pregnant women...not to say you weren't before but you look good :)

at 7:01 PM Blogger Kaili said...

I agree with that, haha! I have been getting the strangest looks from people when I am out with the twins and have my big belly hanging out, like people think I am a crazy young Mom who doesn't know what birth control is. Hahaha!!!

at 7:07 PM Blogger Michelle said...

I feel EXACTLY the way Jen does. Go figure. Funny the oddites we think of. We are a weird lot. M


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