Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dinner Partay

Just a few images from the get-together at Jen's place last night. Sometimes it will just hit me all of a sudden that Jen actually lives here in Summerland. We grew up together in Regina and have so many memories from high school and youth group and quizzing. It's been a joy to reconnect and pick up right from where we left off.
Story time with Christy and her mom, Nelly. The kids all crawled up onto their laps and nestled in for an evening tale.
That is all.

Amanda Brown at 6:39 PM



at 6:59 PM Blogger wandi said...

Amanda I'm so jealous that you get to spend time with my kids. I know they are happy and loving it in Summerland though. Especially now since spring has sprung. Jprdan tells me it was + 16 in your neck of the woods. We had + 5 today. Ohhhh I miss beautiful British Columbia!

at 7:00 PM Blogger wandi said...

Whoops I can't even spell my own kids name. JORDAN. There.

at 8:01 PM Blogger Jen said...

I have enjoyed getting to live with you in real life too! It's so wonderful to get to be the one who knew you all along. :)

at 9:04 PM Blogger geeksters said...

It's always nice to be able to reconnect with an old friend. And even nicer when you get to keep them around in a warm, flowery little town:)

About your belly dilema: pregnant tummies are cute with or without shirts, but they are so funny when they are painted to look like beach balls or basketballs or any large round plastic-y objects.

at 2:27 PM Blogger jennster said...

these are great pictures!


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