Friday, March 24, 2006

Apples and Oranges

After our ultrasound in Kelowna I told Steve that it might be a wise idea for me to take a quick peek at the lingerie department at the Bay to find a more suitable bra for myself. Things are continuing to, ahem, bloom, and I am spilling out of the bras I borrowed from Christy already. You know, I thought that being a C-cup was fun. I felt pleasantly fuller on top and thought I looked more balanced. But there is a big difference between the land of C-cup and that of D-cup. The same bra that is cute and sassy in a C-cup looks like something your grandma dug out of her dusty gich drawer when you see it in a D-cup.
Steve looked both startled and frightened by the sheer size of the bras I was hauling off the racks to try on.
The novelty of these ginormous ta-tas has officially worn off. I am starting to get back pain from the weight of them, and all of my cute maternity shirts fit too tightly across my bustline, making me feel even fatter than I already do.
When my milk comes in, I think I will go into hiding.

Amanda Brown at 2:03 PM



at 2:14 PM Blogger Susie said...

Hunny, I use to have D-cup when I was in Grade 8. Now I am somewhere around an I-cup. You would think bras don't come that big, but regretfully know that they do. After nursing, I sometimes get my ta-tas stuck in my belt buckle. No joke. Perk up, your baby will deflate those puppies in no time.

at 2:30 PM Blogger Adele said...

Welcome to my world - I totally sympathise it's almost impossible to buy a cute bra in a DD!

at 2:53 PM Blogger Angella said...

Poor Amanda. Just know that I still think you look HOT. And my AA cup is envious of your D's :)

at 3:29 PM Blogger Janice Vandyk said...

i need big bras too and am always very disappointed in the lack of creativity in them!! i know there are lots of big busted women out there you would think they would come out with a few more fun bras!! i actually now buy mine in a specialty store in calgary. it is very expnsive but they hold em in place and they are cute and sexy!!

at 3:37 PM Anonymous whoorl said...

I hear ya! You know what bothers me most (TMI alert)? At the end of the day when I take my bra off, how my ta-tas just rest on my rib cage. UGH! I hate it...I want to stuff something underneath to stop the skin-on-skin contact.

I've never missed my B-cups more. ;)

at 4:25 PM Blogger christy said...

Be proud of your big bust! They are serving the pursose they were created for. You've never been more of a woman before than when your nourishing your own child. Just remember that when you wake up on morning engorged. YIKES!!

at 8:05 AM Blogger Jules said...

Enjoy them!!
Mine are already de-flating :(

at 3:23 PM Anonymous Kristin said...

Mine didn't get any bigger when my milk came in. They did show a little sag action, though. Nothing alarming though.

(Enjoy the cute bras. Sassy/cute nursing bras = nonexistent)

at 7:28 PM Blogger Yummy Mommy said...

Hey Amanda,
If you would like some info on breastfeeding... as you seem to be in the preparation stage of things, wink wink nudge nudge... check out some of my posts and website links on my blog
good luck and God bless!

at 8:38 PM Blogger Becky said...

I agree that bras just dont look as cute in D's... I was in la Senza the other day and knew I needed to try a bigger size on than I normally buy, so I did.. and unfortunately, it fit. And it actually could have been a little bigger. I have officially become a DD. and you thought D's were ugly. And just so you know, didn't buy the bra, I still need to come to terms with the fact that I am that size before I spend the money on one. for now I shall remain running over. Literally.

at 5:35 AM Blogger Kaili said...

I like many of your readers have a LARGER bust size, I don't feel like announcing it on the interenet, but let's just say large. I just bought a bra from Thyme Maternity when I was on the coast and it is so comfy, not that ugly. Check out their webisite! Plus I got a really comfortable pair of undies, I think I will go back next time and get more.
When I wasn't pregnant I went to fashion foundation in Kelowna and got a sexy bra in my size, and I loved it, paid an arm and a leg for it, but it is a wonderful (not grannie style) bra!


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