Monday, March 20, 2006

Your Writing Sucks

When I was in the eleventh grade I took a Creative Writing class that was taught by one of my favourite teachers, Mr. Gaudio. Mr. Gaudio was the commercial cooking instructor at our school but he was also a talented playwright and actor. He wrote plays that we, the students, got to perform. He was someone I looked up to and was perpetually trying to impress.
I was thrilled to take his writing class. I had always loved to scrawl out poems and thoughts and stories and I imagined his class to be a creative environment where I could foster my hidden talents. The class had little structure and we were free to write whatever we felt like writing. I liked that freedom.
After a few weeks, I had penned my first draft of a short story that was based on one of my childhood experiences. I handed it over to Mr. Gaudio for him to critique and provide his imput. I was expecting him to point out a few grammatical errors or tell me that my adjectives were to complex and that average reader would be lost in my vivid descriptions (I kid, I kid).
But no.
He scanned it briefly, then said, in all seriousness, "I think this sucks."
I am not kidding.
He then proceeded to ramble on about how my introduction was dull, my character development lacking, and my plot forgettable.
What a chump!
I was so hurt and my pride was bruised. But I dusted off my tattered ego and decided that perhaps he was right, that I actually had a lot to learn about the craft of writing.
I did.
And still do.
(For the record, however, I wrote incessantly for the remainder of the semester and ended up with a final grade of 100% in the class.
Mr. Gaudio can kiss mine.)
(Again, I kid. He still goes down in the books as one of my favourite teachers.)

Amanda Brown at 2:49 PM



at 3:42 PM Blogger Danica said...

I've noticed a few 'good writers' among blogging friends, and you are definitely one of them. The thing I like about your writing is that it is so natural.

at 4:08 PM Blogger Angella said...

Your writing is great, Amanda! That's why you have such a huge internet following.

That, and because you're so hot.


at 5:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you let everyone know how in your yearbook you made balloon captions saying,"YOUR WRITING SUCKS" on every picture of Mr.Gaudio?He was in a lot of pictures!Your Momma

at 7:02 PM Blogger Lindsay said...

Thats funny, cause i took a class from him too, and he told me my writing sucked so i quit trying. I think your writing is no natural and creative. If only...if only.

at 11:29 AM Anonymous Kenny G said...

Ooooh Amanda... I remember those days. Mr. Guadio made me cry too -- and now I don't write anymore. At least he didn't boot you from the play! :)


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