Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Morn

Funny how during the work week I am so slow-going in the mornings and I hit the snooze button dozens of times to delay my departure from the warm, cozy bed. But on the weekend, when I actually have the time to sleep in, I rise with the sun and start moving. After a late night of watching Pride & Prejudice with the girls, I came home to a sleepy husband, who had been out playing poker with the boys. Seperate spheres? Indeed!
This morning I cleaned the house, baked oatmeal muffins (yes, oats are still the main thing I yearn for), had a shower and actually blow-dried and straightened my hair, then felt decent enough to take a picture of myself for you all.
Here I am, nearly 6 months pregnant! It's hard to believe how quickly and slowly the time has been passing. Seems like ages ago that I actually found out I was pregnant, but it still seems like there's ages to go before we meet our baby.
The sun is a-shining today and I am going to go for a walk.
Hope you all have dandy weekends!

Amanda Brown at 11:44 AM



at 12:05 PM Anonymous Auntie Frieda said...

WOW - Err - ah - Rolo sure got big, didn't he?

Love ya!

at 12:34 PM Blogger Jen said...

Lookin' gooood! So preggo and so beautiful. I love mornings like the one you had today. I hope you enjoy your walk. See you tonite!

at 12:45 PM Blogger Eternity In Our Hearts said...

You look very beautiful! I know how you're feeling today 'cause I've had the same sort of morning just doing things around the house! I love weekends! Love, K

at 4:53 PM Blogger wandi said...

You look so beautiful Amanda!

at 5:04 PM Blogger Elizabeth said...

I loooove the yellow shirt!
You look terrific!

at 5:33 PM Blogger Kaili said...

You always have such pretty maternity tops! You look great!
Have fun tonight, I'll catch up with you all next time, we had the twins this week end and I need some sleep.

at 5:51 PM Blogger Becky said...

You look gorgeous, I love that top, too. I've been waiting for the next belly shot, looks like a lot has changed since the last one!

at 6:21 PM Blogger Angella said...

Lookin' hot, per usual :)

at 7:55 PM Blogger Jules said...

Lookin' like a hot Mama!!
Nice to see Rolo in there too!!

at 11:15 PM Blogger Susie said...

So beautiful, Preggy! Today was such a beautiful day. I hope you enjoyed your walk. Thanks for coming over tonight. I had fun. Next time the boys play poker, let Dana know. He is missing his Kelowna Poker Nights.

at 1:44 PM Blogger geeksters said...

You look so cute pregnant!

Your blog is so funny that it brings me back to the days of the "Maxi-Pad Express Post."

at 8:54 AM Anonymous Kristin said...

You do look really lovely.

You know what's weird? I totally forget what it feels like to be pregnant. It's dissappeared into the Universe along with labour pains and the hatred of the last trimester.

Enjoy it, if you can!


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