Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Rae of Sunshine

Today I had lunch with Rae. We have known each other for over 15 years but have done an atrocious job of keeping in touch since graduation. It had been well over three years since we last spoke, but as soon as I walked into Moxie's today and saw her get out of the booth and walk towards me with arms open, ready for a hug, I knew we would have no problem making up for lost time. We jumped right into recapping everything that life has held for us in the past few years, and while our paths have been quite different, it was refreshing to see how Rae has stayed true to herself and her passions. She is an accomplished dancer and choreographer who is still following her dreams. We reminisced about old times, about who's fat now, who's married, who's dead...pretty nuts to think of all that's happened since the grad class of Winston Knoll Collegiate tossed their caps in the air.
We shared a delicious lunch, then went shopping. I found a dress! And shoes! And a necklace! And earrings! Rae was my good luck charm.
Thanks for the great visit, Rae. Hopefully it won't be another three years until we next meet.

Amanda Brown at 3:22 PM



at 3:38 PM Blogger Jen said...

You forgot to mention professional shopper! If you ever need to go shopping- Rae is the one to take!

And Rae, if you read this- I like the new 'do!

at 6:56 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

I'm excited that you found a dress!! That is so cool- I look forward to seeing it. And I am also glad that you had a good time catching up with Rae.

at 7:30 PM Blogger christy said...

I want a new dress.

Shopping is good for the soul. Well, not really buty it sure can be therapeutic.

at 10:06 PM Blogger Susie said...

Glad you were able to rekindle some old high school friendship flames. Rae even looks like a dancer to me. Am I weird for saying that!?!?!


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