Thursday, April 27, 2006

Puppy Pee? I Don't Mind It.

I got an email today from my sister-in-law's boyfriend and he attached a picture he had taken of Rolo when he was in Summerland for a visit on the Easter weekend. Seeing my little puppy makes me realize that I miss that mutt! Today my mom and I stopped in at a pet shop to look at the puppies. There were five tiny pups in an open pen that people were allowed to pick up and cuddle. Unfortunately we arrived just after one of the puppies had dropped a mushy log in the pen and all but one of the dogs had rolled in the turd. The one poo-free puppy was quickly scooped up by my mom and then she handed her over to me after she'd had her fill. I am not even sure what kind of dog it was, but she was cute! She was white with chocolate eyes and she nuzzled in close to my neck. I love the way puppies smell. So new and fresh and a little bit like pee, but it's puppy pee, so it's OK. Just as I was thinking about puppy pee, I felt a little wet spot form on my shirt. The puppy peed on my belly!
It dried.
Kind of.
It was worth being peed on for some puppy lovin'.
I can't wait to see Rolo and force him to cuddle with me.
And Steve for that matter.

Amanda Brown at 5:08 PM



at 5:39 PM Blogger Jen said...

I want a puppy. :(

Time to come home Amanda.

at 11:34 AM Anonymous Leah said...

That's a really smashing picture.


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