Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Welcome Addition

We now have two little creatures begging for table scraps! So cute! Abby loves Rolo and I think the feeling is mutual. It's so fun having a sweet little doll like Abby running around the house.

Amanda Brown at 8:29 AM



at 4:02 PM Blogger Jen said...

Abby & Rolo get along so well. I'm so pleased. Maybe we'll have to get a little pooch one of these days. :)

at 7:50 PM Blogger wandi said...

What a cute picture. I think Abby and rolo will be very good friends.

at 6:48 AM Anonymous Pam said...

JUst think - you'll soon have a welcome addition to your home...sigh. One of mine is leaving and yours is coming. Sweet. Love, Pam


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