Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Big Comfy Couch(es)

As promised, here are some photos of our new couches. I am very happy with them, albeit a tad paranoid about spilling spaghetti sauce or grape juice on their splendid new fabric. I am told that microfibre is a very easy material to clean, but why tempt fate? I make Steve put a huge blanket over himself when he eats on the couch, to catch any falling debris. Before I unveil a full photo of the couch, here is a picture of me doing what I do best: draping myself over the arm of a couch like a tired old rich lady worn out from a day of shopping. If only! Here is the loveseat in all its microfibery glory. Come on over and have a seat.
And here is what a fatigued pregnant lady looks like. Again, I stress that I was actually trying to look cute in the photo, all "look at me, so cute on the couch". Instead it's more, "look at me, I'm as big as the couch". Ahwell, my body knows what it's doing. I'm not worried. All I ask is that you don't click on this photo to enlarge it, for then you will see my third and fourth eye, in the form of massive zits on my forehead. I'm begging you. DON'T CLICK THE PHOTO!
You totally clicked it. Aren't you sorry?
And yes, I am wearing pink socks.
They were a Valentine's gift from my mom last year.
Does that make me doubly cool? Not only am I wearing tacky socks, but I got them from my mother.
Well, there you have it. Our couches. The pictures don't really do them justice, but you get the general idea.
I'm going to go sit on one now.

Amanda Brown at 8:00 PM



at 8:31 PM Blogger Jen said...

I'm not sure if I like the style. Or microfibre. I would definitely have picked something else. ;)

kidding, hahaha. SAMERS!

at 8:36 PM Blogger Angella said...

Sweet couches! We'll have to eat salsa and drink red wine while sitting on them :)

at 9:04 PM Blogger KehlerGirl said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanx for your comment on my blog. It definitally can be a little crazy here sometimes. Hayden is actually my niece, I babysit her 1-3 days a week (depending on my sisters schedule). So it's even crazier those days. But I definitally wouldn't trade the crazyness in for anything. I'm doing much better now. All three kids slept for 2 hours this afternoon (all at the same time too) so I got a little break and was able to collect myself. Brielle and Micah are now sleeping, so once again I have a little time to myself. I think I'll go quietly read a book. Talk to you later. Oh, and I quite enjoy your couches by the way!

at 10:35 PM Blogger Isabella said...

It's about time we got to see those couches, lol. They make you look so old, I mean grown up!

at 8:00 AM Blogger Susie said...

Maybe Dana and I need to get microfibre. It seems to be the trend right now! LOL. You are awesome! Love those pink socks! Kynan says : cv v ghhgf fhh h cegb v b n b nb.

at 8:14 AM Blogger Kaili said...

Sweet couches! Love the photos! Haha! :)
So how are they going to be with baby spit up? Hehe!

at 11:15 AM Blogger Shelley said...

Hmm..i wonder what they'll look like after their first year of ROLO and GERSHWALD remains on them. good times, good times.

And no making fun of the pink socks. I am a sock person, i have socks for every occasion. *sigh* tho, i have no valentines socks...maybe i'll get some this year.

at 1:48 PM Blogger Elizabeth said...

I didn't click on it, AND I think that your socks are sweet. I love fun socks. They are a subject of ice-breaking conversation, I find.
Anyhow, I love my plush orange 70s velvet couches for baby spitup and pee. Maybe, someday I will get couches that are nice like yours.

at 3:02 PM Blogger christy said...

Can't wait to get home and sit on em!


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