Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Watching the Tower

Part of my daily routine as a secretary is to walk down the quaint little main street of Summerland to pick up the church's mail. I look forward to this little dose of fresh air and the chance to move my stiffened legs. There is one part of the jaunt that I do not enjoy, though.
Perched outside the main doors of the Summerland Post Office is a man dressed in a trench coat. Every day he stands silently, holding an open magazine for all of the passers-by to view. It is a religious magazine and he keeps his open briefcase on display beside him; it is filled with other magazines and books. I am pretty sure that he is a Jehovah's Witness. I don't know much about that religion, but I know that this man's blank stares and silent judgement on the people of Summerland makes me very uncomfortable. Seeing him stand motionless, barely making eye contact with the folks who cross his path, I wonder who this man is. Has he always been a Jehovah's Witness? Does he have a real job, or does he feel he's doing his duty to humanity by quietly holding a magazine for people to see? If he truly believes he has found the Truth, then why doesn't he just talk openly about it with the people he meets, instead of standing on a streetcorner making us all feel weird.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm the one who is being judgemental and the next time I go to the post office I should strike up a conversation with Mr. Jehovah's Witness.
But I am sure he would just try to convert me, and I don't have that kind of time.

Amanda Brown at 3:11 PM



at 6:28 PM Blogger Kaili said...

That's funny you brought up that guy, I believe his name is John, and yes he is a JW.
Robin and I saw all these people playing hockey at the middle school every sunday, so one day we thought we would go and ask if we could play. So we did, they welcomed us to play. That guy John was there, he was on my team and we were talking in between shift changes, he asked me what congregation we were from, then he said he thought we were JW, cause he were NICE PEOPLE! WEIRD! Then we later learned that all the people playing hockey were JW's. They all get together every sunday to play.
Anyways, he's a nice guy, but I also feel uncomfortable about walking by him standing there. I feel ya!
Off topic what are you up to this week end. I was thinkin' scrapbook/card making day. Let me know what ya think.


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