Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Surrounded By Content. Seriously.

I love the daily visits I get from some of the interesting characters who come to our church. One lady makes a stop at the church every afternoon. She is a sweetheart and she cracks me up.
Often she has a can of ginger ale in her hand and she chugs it back, then proceeds to belch these hot, stinky burps that fill the office. She apologizes for each belch, then laughs a big hearty chuckle.
And today she came in with a big package of black licorice. She offered me a piece, but I declined (I've always been a red licorice gal, thanks for asking). Then she said, "Fine. More for me. Maybe it will help my bowels."
Yes. Let's hope it does.

Amanda Brown at 2:54 PM



at 5:25 PM Blogger wandi said...

Sister Peggy Hlushko can relate to you about interesting people coming in to work. She is still the recptionist at Rosewood. She gets some real winners that make her laugh and smile. It sure makes life not so boring.


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