Wednesday, January 25, 2006

United Furniture Warehouse (Boom, Boom)

Last Friday we were in Penticton to sign away our lives on the mortgage for the orchard. We happened to park across the street from United Furniture Warehouse (Boom, Boom)(...c'mon how can you not sing the jingle?)(are you liking my inappropriate use of ill-placed parentheses?) and saw the windows of the store plastered with "CLOSING FOREVER!" and "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" and "DEALS, DEALS, DEALS!" signs.
I suggested that we go and check it out.
So in we marched and were informed of the promotions going on, since the store was closing for good. All sofas were only $399 if you bought the matching loveseat.
I immediately was drawn to an off-white microfibre sofa that was casual, comfortable and stylin'. It was actually the exact same couch that Jen and Jordan have, but in a different colour (I am not a creepy stalker who wants to be just like Jen, OK? Haven't you heard that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Get over it.) Steve found a different sofa that he preferred, but it was a dark forest green, and since are walls are sage green and our ottomon is olive green, I thought it would be just a bit too much green to stomach.
He disagreed.
I told him to DEAL WITH IT.
We went home that night and pondered our options:
"Should we even be getting couches right now? We just took out a mortgage for gosh sakes!"
"But what a DEAL the couches are! How could we pass up an opportunity like that?"
"Let's be responsible and wait."
(Guess who was the voice of reason and who was the voice of manipulation? I take pride in my negotiating skills.)
We went back the next day and bought the microfibre couches that I wanted. Steve does actually like them too, and is happy with our (my) choice.
They get delivered early next week, at which time I will post picture of myself posing (clothed) on our couches.
Until then...

Amanda Brown at 9:25 AM



at 11:20 AM Blogger Jen said...

As if you aren't a creepy stalker ... kidding. But not really ... I think you are.

I am glad, on the other hand, that you did get some new couches! yay!

at 11:46 AM Blogger Will said...

you need couches or you'll forget how to watch TV

at 12:00 PM Blogger Angella said...

will the picture have Steve sitting next to you, feeding you grapes?

at 2:04 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

I read your post and then as I was walking to class, I found myself singing that stupid song! thanks a lot!! haha. I'm glad you got your new couches as you have been wanting them for a long time now. I look forward to testing out their comfiness.

at 2:32 PM Blogger Poetsch Family said...

Congrats on the couches.


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