Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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I almost had a heart attack yesterday.
Perhaps you've noticed that on my Blogger profile it shows that I have 3 blogs. This is a mistake. When I was initially setting up my blog I must have done it wrong or something and accidentally set up all three sites. Only one of them was my actual blog.
So I thought, "The time has come to delete those extra phantom blogs!"
Big mistake.
I deleted the two extra blogs and when I went to go to my real blog, the "NOT FOUND" page came up and I almost pooped.
My blog had disappeared into the void!
All of my words and thoughts and pictures lost forever!
Then I signed into Blogger and saw that my blog was actually still there, but when I got onto my page, none of my archives worked! So I randomly tried republishing the last post from every month and that seemed to make my archives reappear.
The only downer is that all the comments left of EVERY single post have vanished. I can't access them.
It's a dark day.
Owell, I am just thankful that my blog is in tact and that new comments are showing up fine.
I have learned my lesson: don't mess with Blogger. It will hurt you.

Amanda Brown at 8:53 AM



at 9:16 AM Blogger Jen said...

How bizzare that the comments are unaccessible. Atleast the posts were saved!

I couldn't figure out how to get my posts back after I tried a new template so I just stuck with the choices offered on blogger. :(

at 6:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

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