Monday, January 09, 2006


Life has resumed a somewhat normal pace. Sleep, work, walk, eat, relax, and repeat. My days are full, but there isn't a frantic feel to them, and I am just taking them hour by hour. Steve and Rolo have been napping together on the couch and I think it's the cutest thing ever. Rolo has become more cuddly lately and I can't help but wonder if he senses that he's only got six more months to be our main outlet of affection. The other night I asked Steve, "What if our baby is deathly allergic to dog hair and we have to give Rolo away? And he'll go to live on a nice farm somewhere and we'll visit him, but after a few months he won't remember us anymore." My eyes started to well up (blame it on the hormones, OK?) and Steve assured me that we would give our child up for adoption before we'd send Rolo away. He was, of course, kidding, but it amazes me how attached I have become to our little mutt. And how much more attached I will be to our child. It's bizarre how a little pup can make my heart swell with joy; I just can't imagine how overwhelming the love for a tiny human being born of your own flesh will be.
Jen and Jordan have successfully moved into their lovely new home and the place is looking great! They had us over for a delicious lunch on Sunday and it was nice to visit. I have missed having Abby running around, and when I saw her on Sunday she gave me a big hug and nuzzled her little face into my arms and I just melted. I got so used to coming home to see Jen and Abby, and having dinner with Jordan and Steve and everyone all together. We really could not have asked for better houseguests. Thanks for being so wonderful. And for taking these freaky pictures of yourselves that I shall now post on the world wide web:

Life is good.

Amanda Brown at 7:16 PM



at 7:20 AM Anonymous mommy said...

Yes, life is good and will be even better with a little Brown running around. Sigh - those were the days. Love, Pam

at 12:08 PM Blogger Isabella said...

How amazingly you have caught the Dalsin's in their element! Lol. Is Steve all tuckered out from trying to talk you into buying drums? Did you get your couches?

at 7:22 PM Blogger wandi said...

Oh my. My kids look demented or something. Somethings changed since they moved to B.C. You know what they say. A face only a mother could love. ;) Steve and Rolo look so cute sleeping though.


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