Saturday, December 31, 2005

One Third of the Way

Today marks the 12-week point of my pregnancy. It's strange to think that I am already one-third finished this journey of wonder. I am so thankful that our baby has been kept safe and sound thus far, and I look so forward to seeing it grow and make itself more visible. The only visible change in the profile of my gut is that now, even though I am sucking in, my paunch refuses to be hidden. My pants are starting to get a little tighter, but they still fit. I've gained about 4 pounds (and it's difficult to ascertain what of that gain is from the sugar cookies...oh, the sugar cookies).
I had a dream last night that I had an ultrasound and there was a long, skinny little boy baby in me, but also a tiny dog and a really little girl wearing a jumper. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I felt kind of odd when I woke up, thinking that I had a dog in and a fully clothed girl one-quarter the size of the boy baby in my uterus.
On the boob front, I went bra shopping yesterday and had to buy my very first ever C-CUP! This is new territory for me! Seems I completely bypassed the B-cup and moved onto the next frontier. I don't recognize my own chest anymore, but if I am going to gain weight somewhere, I'd gladly take it in my boobs than on my butt and thighs, where it usually deposits itself.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and Happy New Year!

Amanda Brown at 11:20 AM



at 2:41 PM Blogger Michelle said...

Told ya you were having a baby boy. Gershwald it is then.

at 2:20 AM Blogger Isabella said...

By the look of that picture you gained all four of those pounds in your boobs. I'm so excited you've reached the second trimester mark free and clear. I can hardly wait for your ultrasound, when you get to see that little person for the first time. It really is amazing.

at 7:39 AM Blogger Angella said...

So, if you're a C cup, I guess it's OK that I haven't returned your black bra yet :)
And maybe your dream means that you're having triplets.
Happy New Year!!

at 8:08 AM Blogger Stephanie said...

Looking HOT Amanda. I can't wait till I see your little round belly sticking way off your body with your huge C cup boobs resting nicely on top!! It'll be great. I'm so glad and thankful everything is going so well.


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