Friday, December 23, 2005

Packed Like Pickles

My mom and dad arrived yesterday and we came home to a full house! Relatives from the Brown side of the family have come from all corners of the globe to share Christmas with us. There was Sylvia, Kaile, Vanessa, Glen, April, Colleen, Jen, Jordan, Abby, me, Steve, mom and dad. There were a few other guests, ones with slightly more hair and slightly worse breath: Rylie (Steve's mom's black lab), and Bubbins (Vanessa's child, I mean, chihuahua). Rolo wanted to eat Bubbins, but managed to restrain his savage urges. There was a bit of air-humping (Rolo's train of thought: "If I can't eat you, you've got to be good for something else. Hmm, how else could you be put to use? That's it! I shall air-hump you!"), but other than that they seemed to get along.
It's going to be a packed Christmas by the looks of things, but I know there'll be a lot of laughter and fun and food and air-humping.
Good times.

Amanda Brown at 10:17 AM



at 12:31 PM Blogger Jen said...

I think we should use the "pickle claw" and remove a few of these pickles. ;) Kidding, of course. Everyone is wonderful. The jar will be a little more empty and undoubtedly lonely this weekend while we are gone.

at 11:12 AM Blogger Sarah said...

air humping?????


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