Thursday, December 22, 2005

Je Deteste!

Stereotypes can lead to unfair judgements about a race or religion. But sometimes, unfortunately, stereotypes hold vast amounts of truth in them. For instance, the stereotype that all pregnant ladies are always starving and weepy and craving pickles. I have found that to be true (except instead of pickles I am craving sugar cookies. Basically the same thing, right?)
And my brother got to experience the stereotype that the French are arrogant snobs.
He was ordering a sandwich from a street vendor in France, and their converasation went a little something like this...
Steve: Une sandwich avec le jambon et le fromage, sil vouz plait.
Vendor: D'accord. (He proceeds to pull out a baguette and begins preparing it for the sandwich)
Steve: Oh, je changed mon mind. Je would actually aime le roast beef, sil vous plait.
Vendor: I hate you!
I am not kidding.
The vendor said, in perfect English, "I hate you!" just because Steve changed his mind about the kind of sandwich he wanted!
Sacre bleu!

Amanda Brown at 10:35 AM



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