Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Brudder

My younger brother, Stephen, has been attending Capernwray Hall in England this year and is presently on his Christmas break. He is spending his free time touring around southern France and is enjoying the warm temperature and lovely scenery. What he didn't account for was the fact that he was going to get quite sick while travelling: home sick. My poor little brother is feeling lonely and missing the comforts of home. I feel for him and wish there was some way we could all board a plane and just show up in France and say "Joyeux Noel, mon frere! J'aime le baguette, et toi?" but we are unable to. I know he's going to be OK, but it's just hard to know that he's lonely and homesick.
Not seeing him at Christmas has brought back some of our old holiday memories, and it makes me smile to look back on them...
*One year for Christmas I got Stephen a lame Blue Jays poster and three candy canes from the dollar store. After he opened his pathetic present, I had the gall to ask if I could eat one of the candy canes. He said no. I guess I deserved as much for such a dull gift.
*Every year Steve and I would wake up before mom and dad and scrurry down the mantle where our stockings were hung with care. That was always my favourite part of Christmas morning. Each year mom would put a brick of fudge in our stockings and each year Steve would have devoured it before breakfast, and he'd feel ill all day long until our evening meal, when he miraculously was able to eat his weight in turkey and stuffing.
*We would go to our church's Christmas Eve service then come home for a late dinner of appetizers and squares (mozzarella sticks are a staple at this event, and I dream about the deep fried cheese all year long). We would all open one present, then watch a movie. I think we viewed that 1930's A Christmas Story ("Show mommy how the piggies eat!" "I want a Red Rider Be-Bee Gun!" "I can't put my arms down!") for twelve consecutive years and laughed so hard every time.
We'll miss you this year, Peeve! Know that we're thinking about you as you're trotting 'round the globe!

Amanda Brown at 11:14 AM



at 2:49 PM Blogger Momma said...

And how can you forget Oma always saying,"You tink dat's a gute show?"Oh Oma,rest in peace.In loving memory of Elsie Arp,who is no longer with us for this Christmas season.

at 3:55 PM Anonymous andy said...


I know your missing your brother, but I can tell you that when I was walking about Capernwray hall today, it seems to me that they are taking care of him, futher more the south of france would be even better, I wished I had remembered that he was there I would have looked for his pic on the wall, Its a great place, I had dinner with Andy and Lori T. Whom he will know how they are, I love the hall, its fun to walk around there and enjoy where Capernwray started. Well from England Where I'm about to go to bed your just starting your afternoon. have a great day.



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