Thursday, December 15, 2005


So, this pregnancy thing is pretty complex. I have had most of the basic symptoms, like fatique, waves of nausea, and irritability (it's nice to have a valid excuse for being a bag). But there are all of these strange and obscure ones that you only read about in the back pages of "What to Expect When You're Expecting". For instance...when I brush my teeth, my gums bleed as though I was using a toothbrush made with spiky metal bristles. Very strange. And my dreams have been very vivid...and bizarre. And I wake up each morning to find at least three new zits on my face or back. I am a bloody-gummed, freaky-dreaming, zit monger.
There has been one positive symptom, however: my boobs are filling out! I have always been quite small chested and I still wear the bra my friend Kristin gave me that she had for our grade 8 grad (before she fully hit puberty). It's a 34A. Oh, the trusty A cup. We've been through so much together. But my cups are beginning to runneth over! This is quite exciting, and I am looking forward to being a little more voluptuous upstairs.
I know that after breast feeding, my bosom will look like two deflated crepes dangling all the way to my knees, but for now I will enjoy this newfound fullness.

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at 1:25 PM Blogger Isabella said...

I have to confess I'm looking forward to 7 more months of living vicariously through your pregnancy. I can remember so much of what you describe, but you are such a great story teller. Oh my.

at 2:13 PM Blogger Jen said...

Yes, it's great!! It was one of my first symptoms too. I went from a B to a DD and now I rest happily at a C. :)

at 3:24 PM Blogger Angella said...

Don't forget, before the crepe stage is the Supermodel stage...when your milk comes in & your ladies go rock hard...hee hee hee

at 5:12 PM Blogger Shelley said...

i am disturbed by this all. very very disturbed!

at 4:41 PM Blogger Danica said...

The supermodel stage looks good in a shirt, but underneath your nipples will probably be chapped and bleeding so it's not exactly the kind of supermodel -boob stage your husband will be looking forward to. If he goes anywhere near them he'll get slapped.


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