Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Should Take Up Bike-Riding

If you read Jen's blog today you'll see her tale of the car accident we got in last night. The word "accident" seems a little melodramatic for what actually happened. You see, my car was parked in between Steve's little Nissan pick-up truck and the Dalsin's car. My back window was all fogged up and I didn't want to waste a whole 20 seconds waiting for it to clear, so my train of thought was, "if I just back straight out I'll be clear". So, I put the car in reverse and started going.
Then the car stopped.
Because of the impact.
Yes, I blindly plowed into the side of Steve's truck with the butt of my Corolla. Oops. No real damage was done, just a little tell-tale streak of white paint etched above the wheel well of Steve's truck. Luckily he hasn't held it against me and renounced our union.
That's the nice thing about us both driving 20 year-old heaps of cars...a little bump or scratch here and there isn't so terrible.
It got me thinking about some of the other vehicular troubles I've gotten myself into in the seven years that I've had a driver's lisence. There are actually quite a few infractions! Never a speeding ticket (athough one is more than deserved), but lots of silly little events.
Such as...
1)Skidding though an icey 4-way stop and crashing into a curb, not bothering to get out and see the damage, only to get home and realize I had lost a hubcap.
2) Getting rear-ended and smooshed into the car in front of me...the trunk of my car got rammed all the way into the back-seat. The lady behind me had sped through a red light, was driving without a lisence, and tried to blame it on me. Dumb jerk. Luckily I wasn't severely injured, just a bit of whiplash. I was standing on the side of the highway and as luck would have it, it was the one night that my parents had been out in ages and they drove past to see my demolished car and me waving at them from the side of the road. My mom freaked.
3) Backing out of the garage without bothering to look if another car was behind me on the driveway. I literally came within millimetres of trashing my brother's car. Oops again.
4) The day before I took my driver's test I was doing some last-minute parallel parking practicing and accidentally plowed into a parked car and this lady came running out of her house with eight kids attached to her limbs, screaming. That was really encouraging the day before I was to try to get my lisence.
5) I failed my driver's test the first time because I RAN A RED LIGHT. Who does that on her driver's test? I do.
I am a menace.

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at 6:44 PM Blogger Isabella said...

I think I have you beat. I once got stuck in a drive thru like that part in Austin Powers where he's in the little caddy and just keeps going forward and inch, backward an inch.

at 6:47 AM Blogger Angella said...

Remind me to drive next time we go anywhere :)

at 1:23 PM Blogger christy said...

I still feel safer in a car with you than some other people who shall forever remain nameless, amen.


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