Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A $20,000 Name

There is a baby name that I have been madly in love with for the past four years. The name is Anneliese. (If you don't like it, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.) Every time I think of it, I swoon and picture my future daughter, with locks of blonde curls, running through a daisy field, wearing a sun dress.
There is a problem, though.
For as much as I adore this name, Steve abhors it. He seriously hates it. I thought that he would have softened a little once he realized just how much I love the name, but it hasn't happened.
One day I asked him, "Steve, if I have just been in labour for 16 days and had finally given birth to our beautiful baby girl, and I was sweat-soaked and exhausted from HAVING MY LOINS RIPPED OPEN TO GIVE YOU A BABY, and I looked up at you with tears in my eyes and pleaded, 'Can we please name her Anneliese?' would you consider granting my wish?"
To which he replied, "If I got in a car accident on the way to the hospital and they had to wheel me in on a gurney next to you while you gave birth and I was all bloody and had lost a leg so all I had left was a mangled stump, and I asked you 'Can we please name her ANYTHING BUT Anneliese?' would you grant me my request?"
I said no.
And so did he.
We have reached a stale-mate, and when I don't get my way I get ANGREE.
So anyways, we had resumed this conversation a few days ago and I asked Steve, "What would it take for you to name our daughter Anneliese?"
His answer: "A brand new dirtbike and a brand new snowmobile."
So, I am taking donations to reach my goal of $20,000 so I can give my daughter her rightful name.
Make cheques payable to:
Amanda Brown
7603 Happy Valley Road
Summerland, BC
V0H 1Z4
United we shall conquer!
My baby needs your support.
Watch, we are going to have six boys, and a girl name won't even be something that needs to be debated. Heaven help us.

Amanda Brown at 2:18 PM



at 2:58 PM Blogger christy said...

You can have your twenty bucks back if you want. AND I'll even buy you a treat tonight. Or you could leagally give her whatever name Steve wants but then just call her Anneliese. Or convince him to give the baby the second name Anneliese and then call her by her second name. That's common. You can trick him without spending a fortune.

at 4:06 PM Blogger Shelley said...

Or perhaps you can name her Anna and then the middle name could be Lise.

Oh, let's face it, you're just going to have to have a boy...problem solved.

at 4:15 PM Blogger Michelle said...

No need to fund raise. Remember, you are having a son. M

at 6:01 PM Blogger wandi said...

I agree with Shelley. Call her Anna and second name Lise. That's so sneaky.

at 6:23 PM Blogger Isabella said...

You never really know how you feel until you hold that baby. I never thought I would name my daughter Belle, but in that situation it was perfect. I say keep an open mind find a few others that you like too and wait for that day to make final decisions.

at 9:14 AM Blogger shareen said...

Hey, I'm Christy's friend (and a blog snoop), one of my good high school friends is named Annalise (slight difference in spelling, but same name)--we call her Banana, Anna-Banana, Bananalise...really a lot of Banana combinations--it's such a beautiful name. Just give it time, it just might grow on Steve. Or maybe come up with a worse one for him to use his veto on and offer Anneliese as an alternative? :)

at 2:13 PM Blogger karen said...

Amanda, I feel your pain. Trav and I had the same problems choosing a name. You spend your whole life dreaming of a name for your kid, and then your silly husband doesn't agree. No one tells you to consider his feelings when you're 15 years old and dreaming of the future!!


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