Monday, January 02, 2006

Before You Say No

Steve and I will be the first to admit that we have different ideas of what "fun" is. My idea of fun involves such things as: relaxing on a beach, getting ice cream, going shopping, sipping a frapuccino, going for a summer stroll, roller-blading along the boardwalk, scrapbooking, blogging, visiting with friends over a cup of hot get the picture. I am a pretty mellow person (some might dare to say lazy) and have always been more of a "be-er" as opposed to a "do-er". Steve, on the other hand, does not like sitting still and can be found dirtbiking, snowmobiling, skiing, paintballing, working on his truck, wailing on his guitar, or mountain biking when presented with a sliver of free time.
We have had to learn the art of compromise, since we both value time spent with one another. Meaning, poor Stevie has had to sit through some pretty artsy-fartsy plays and I have had to try some really scary hill-climbs on a dirtbike. Not that we have been perfect in accomodating each other...Steve has fallen alseep during some plays, and whined about the hard chairs in the theatre. And I have cried when he's made me try a really difficult trail and I fell off the dirt bike and curled up in the fetal position and wept until he came back and found me and I refused to go on and said I'd rather die in the wilderness than get back on that blasted bike. You think I'm kidding. But I'm not.
We've had some neat memories.
But looking back on all of our pictures together makes me smile. We laugh about my mishaps on the snowmobile and the ski hill and about his distaste of hour-long monologues in plays. I am thankful that he's so willing to compromise, and it's something that I need to continue to work on.
Yesterday we went up to a friend's cabin in the woods on a lake and brought the snowmobiles. Truth be told, I did not feel like going. Snowmobiling is scary to me: the machines weigh eight tonnes and you have to lean so far off of them when you're on a hill that only your pinky toe is touching the beast or else it will overturn and crush you. It's freaky.
And now that I am pregnant I don't want to take an unnecessary risks. I explained this to Steve, hoping he would say I could just stay home. But he really wanted me to come.
Which is nice.
So I went.
For most of the day I stayed in the cabin, cuddling with the owner's little weiner dog named Oscar. I did go out for a few snowmobile rides with Steve, and it was fun. We didn't do any scary mountain climbs or trails, rather just stuck mainly to the frozen lake. He went 120 km, though, which was a bit much for me. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have minded the speed, but the fact that there's a baby in my belly makes me paranoid about hitting a bump and going flying, or falling through a crack in the lake and drowning in the frigid depths.
It was a nice day. And I am thankful for a hubby who wants me around, even though I am a big baby who sucks at all the things he loves to do.

Amanda Brown at 9:30 AM



at 11:17 AM Blogger Jen said...

I LOVE that you & Steve try to accomodate each other. It's a great way to expand your horizons and to keep both of you happy. :) Luckily, Jordan and I like most of the same things.

at 8:59 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

I love hearing that amanda. It makes me feel better for being a big baby when Brad wants to go out surf the big waves and I have a fear of the force of those stupid waves. I like your ideas of fun..those are all right up there in my books. Guys have it all mixed up- they don't know what fun is! I mean, come on, what's more fun than shopping with a delicious starbucks in hand?

at 9:36 PM Blogger Becky said...

It's the same story with Travis and I. I really don't understand why guys love to laugh in the face of imminent danger. Oh well. I guess thats why we have girlfriends to do the girly, safe stuff with.

at 11:34 PM Blogger Sarah said...

amanda we've got to hang just described what I love doing! thanks for sharing those stories. it gives me hope that I will find a guy even though I can be a bit boring at times!


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