Friday, January 06, 2006

Gimme Gimme Never Gets

Tomorrow Steve and I are going to go to Kelowna to pick up a few things and just poke around. We'll go out for lunch, and it's going to be so nice to just spend some time along with my dear Stevie. We both happen to have alterior motives, however. Steve is trying to convince me that we need a set of drums to complete his home recording studio. No doubt I will be pulled in and out of countless music stores tomorrow, looking at variations of these:
Then there is my devlish desire: I want new couches! Steve has agreed to look at some furniture stores, to see if there are any deals to be found and just discover what styles we like, etc. You see, our couches are deteriorating. They are faded and torn and floral. They have served us well, but I think that it's time to spring for some timeless pieces that will serve our purposes better, and my thinking is that we better hurry up and buy them before our baby comes along because then I'll be too busy blowing our savings at Baby Gap to even think about getting furniture. I am not entirely sure what I want. I like sectionals, I like leather, I like leather sectionals. But they are so expensive. Maybe I'll settle for something upholstered and then we can also get chaise. I have always pictured myself draped over a chaise, sipping a cocktail (or diet coke). It would be so classy.

I am pretty sure we shall both return home tomorrow emtpy-handed and bitter about how our mean spouse won't let us get the things we want. But it will be fun to be disappointed together.

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at 7:31 PM Blogger Momma said...

Have fun tomorrow!You know that Dad and I have different agendas,too.I guess we need each other to keep ourselves in balance(OR MORE LIKE TO KEEP THE OTHER PERSON IN BALANCE!)It's good to respect the other person's interests.How's Gersh?

at 9:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

just let him buy the drum set if he'll let you have the name you want. I figure thats a good bargain right??


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