Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shake That Body For Me

OK, so I am out of the first trimester and my energy levels are predicted to increase a little.
It hasn't happened yet.
I am still a sleepy, haggard mess who can't be bothered to do her hair or tweeze her bushy eyebrows or make a dinner more complicated than mac and cheese.
And I'm also told that my zit clusters should be clearing up soon.
Again, that hasn't happened yet either.
My doctor warned, some people aren't so lucky and are really tired and zitty for their entire pregnancy. I think she was trying to say, "You are going to be one of those people. Now please leave the office because I am afraid that your volcano zits are going to erupt all over me. And the dark circles under your eyes are going to give me nighmares tonight. Please leave. Seriously. Go."
I am so thankful that I haven't had any major nausea, though! That's a huge blessing (as is the entire experience of pregnancy...I may gripe about my shiny zits but if they are what it takes to grow a happy, healthy baby, bring 'em on!).
I didn't really exercise at all during the first trimester. I was really bagged and the fall was just such an insanely busy time with the Christmas musical that I gave myself permission to be a lazy-bum. But now I am feeling the need to get moving again. I want to be healthy and have a good pregnancy, not gain six hundred pounds and retain so much fluid that I burst. I have been eating pretty sensibly (not perfectly...c'mon it was was Christmas for goodness' sake) and I want to continue that.
About a month ago Angella and I decided to switch exercise machines (my elliptical trainer for her treadmill) since that would better suit our work out needs. I badgered Steve for weeks, "You've got to hurry up and get the treadmill AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I want to use it NOW!"
So, he went and picked the beast up.
That was a month ago.
And in that month I have used the treadmill once.
But now that the new year is upon us I have a new resolve to get moving. I walked on the treadmill yesterday and then lifted some free weights for while. The sad thing is that I am stiff today.
So very pathetic.
It feels good though, and I am motivated to keep on walking. For once the goal isn't to lose weight, rather to have a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby. I know there will be days when I don't exercise, but I am hoping they become fewer and farther between than they were this past season.

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at 7:40 PM Blogger Angella said...

You can DO it :)

at 8:31 PM Blogger Isabella said...

This post totally made me giggle, because I'm thinking of when getting yourself from lying horizontal to standing vertical takes as much effort, (and burns as much calories I think), as an hour long workout. But it's such a worthy goal. I walked a lot and did free weights while I was pg and was wearing my pre-pg clothes a week later and had basically no down time to heal from my delivery. I think it had a lot to do with my fitness level, but I have no research or stats to back me up, just my humble experience.


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