Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Filling Out

Here's my 13 week belly shot. I know it's not too exciting. Nothing much to see. Just a chubby gut. I go for my next doctor's appointment on Monday and we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat then, so I'm looking forward to that. What I am not looking forward to, however, is stepping on the doctor's scale. Ugh. I fear that my holiday indulgences have caught up with me! I didn't really overdo it that badly, and I have been faithfully walking five times a week since the beginning of my second trimester, but I am still a little scared as to what the scale will say. I know that's silly, and that I should focus on being healthy and not worry about some stupid number on the scale, but for someone who's struggled with her weight her whole life, it's always going to be a bigger deal than it ought to be for me.
Owell, the extra girth will be well worth it when I look into the face of our baby (aka: Anneliese). I am wearing Steve down on the name issue. Every day I pester him about Anneliese (again, if you don't like the name I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Maybe I don't like your name. But I wouldn't be so mean as to say it to your face. So keep quiet all you naysayers!), and while he still loathes it, he seems to loathe it a little less severely.
I still have six more months to work on him, too.
Keep the faith.

Amanda Brown at 6:28 PM



at 7:50 PM Blogger Becky said...

I like these pictures. They will be super cute once you really start to get round around the middle. You should make a collage of these pictures once you have little Annaleise. I have a friend named Annalee. I like the name, its cute.

at 9:42 PM Blogger Heidi said...

Amanda you look radiant and healthy. I know from experience that it is hard not to focus on the numbers as they creep up on the scale but they do eventually go back down. Relax and enjoy this new life as it grows. Only 5-7 more weeks and you should feel some kicks!

at 7:15 AM Blogger Angella said...

I really hope you haven'y had a lot of people give you negative comments about that pretty name. When I was pregnant with Graham, I had some people say some pretty negative things about his name...NOT NICE.
And you look amazing, per usual!

at 8:14 AM Blogger christy said...

I love walking this journey with you! Makes me wanna jump back on that band wagon so Annaleise and Olivia can be best frinds for life. Although Travis told me this weekend that he thinks Olivia is the dumbest name he's ever heard. But, I don't care. Like you said, Keep your comments to yourself! And QUIT WORRYING ABOUT TOUR WEIGHT!!!! You look truly and honestly beautiful in every way.

at 10:14 AM Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree with Christy..I always agree with Christy, she's so wise! Amanda, you really do look great. I'm a geek but I went back to the other pictures you posted before of your precious little tummy and there is definitely some changes...AS IN A BABY IS GROWING..please do not think I am hinting at anything else. Although I have never been pregnant, I do believe that you are growing in all the RIGHT places and doing it so beautifully. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear of all the wonderful moments and milestones that are to come.
Oh yeah..i've always really liked the name Faith..but Brad thinks that if we named a baby that, her nick name will be Faye and then she'll sound like an 80 year old grandma. I think we have to keep brainstorming but we have plenty of years to do so!

at 3:19 PM Blogger Isabella said...

If you ever start a petition for the Annalise name, you can put my signature on it. Not because it's also my favorite name but because I am a HUGE fan of names with options so that when the child gets older it can choose. I also agree with everyone else that pregnancy looks good on you. Are you going to wear those pants for all of your preggo photos! :)

at 3:36 PM Blogger Sarah said...

Amanda I would just like to say that I have a girl in my dorm named Annaliese and she's the sweetest girl I will sign your petition for the name!

at 5:31 PM Blogger Momma said...

My dear girl,you look beautiful!!I know it's hard for you,but keep thinking of that precious child growing in your belly-you are already experiencing some of the selflessness that is required in child rearing,and loving a child.You know you are always in my prayers.Love you to pieces!!

at 1:21 AM Anonymous vickiwi said...

ok heres MY comment missy- you little compliment fisher you! you KNOW how hot you look in that photo-miss 'suck-in-the-tummy-wear-hot-yoga-pants'!! yeah RIGHT your pregnant! if you are pregant in that photo than im about to give birth. so there. teehee. love you and miss you and cant wait to see your real round bellay when i get home! muah!


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