Sunday, January 22, 2006

It Had Been Too Long

Many moons had passed since we last got all of the girls together and hit the big city for a night on the town. Jen and Angella both had birthdays last week, so we jumped at the opportunity to commemorate their special days by getting dressed up and heading to Kelowna for way too many appetizers, drinks, and desserts. It was a delicious evening shared with great company. We really have to make this a more regular occurance! Here is Ang, one of the birthday girls striking her "Kiss me...I'm hot and 31 never looked so good!" pose. What a fox. If only we could all look as stunning as she does. The service at the restaurant we went too was less than stellar (we waited nearly an hour for our nachos...the pregnant lady is starving over here!) but that didn't stop us from having a swell time.
Gotta love cheesy "Hey look! That's us in the mirror!" shots. It was past 9:00 pm, so I was getting too sleepy to keep a steady hand on the camera. Please pardon the lack of the focus.
We inhaled our appetizers and desserts with frightening force. Make me wait an hour for nachos? You'll be sorry. We completed our meals with some delectable desserts (white chocolate brownie...ahhhhhh) and then realized just how full we all were.
Here's Jen, the other birthday girl, who has reached the ripe old age of 23. What a hot momma!
Thanks for the great night, ladies!

Amanda Brown at 11:39 AM



at 12:04 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

aww!! looks like you guys had fun. I'm so glad. You're all looking hot as always!

at 3:41 PM Blogger Angella said...

It WAS fun...who's birthday is next? Adele's?

at 4:04 PM Blogger karen said...

So fun! Next time we should have a rotating seat arrangement so we can all talk!
My first girls night left me wanting more!

at 4:58 PM Blogger christy said...


at 10:23 AM Blogger Adele said...

We need to do that more often, you can't beat taking random photos and consuming your own body weight in nachos and brownies.

at 12:54 PM Blogger Isabella said...

Even though you thought your mirror idea was cheesy, Nick commented on it saying it was a great idea! Glad you guys had a fabu time!


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