Thursday, January 26, 2006

He's Gone Away...

So, I've been ditched.
Steve has left with eight other people from our church to attend the Break Forth Conference in Edmonton and he won't be back until late Sunday night. He always has a wonderful time at the conference and comes back inspired to be a better musician and leader. So I am happy that he'll enjoying himself.
While I am rotting in an empty house.
OK, so it's not that bad. Truth be told, the occasional weekend to myself is something that I don't mind one bit. I get to stretch out on the king size bed and not be accused of being a blanket hog; I get to cuddle with Rolo all by myself; I get to leave my bed side lamp on until the wee hours of the morning to finish a good book; I get to take a break from cooking and live off of cheese and crackers for a few days.
Not that I don't miss my Stevie. The time that he is away feels strange and empty, and I love when he comes home. But a bit of solitude is something that I'll never complain about. It is something that I crave from time to time.
However, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.
When Steve is gone and I have to be in charge of keeping the wood stove a burnin' I realize just how much work it is to load up the wood bin, stoke the fire, keep the kettle going to make the air more humid, let the coals cool and empty them on the orchard...and it makes me thankful for all of the work he quietly does to keep our household running.
Steve is Super Swell.
On a different tangent...OUR COUCHES ARRIVE TODAY! Yay! Steve took our camera with him to Edmonton, so you won't be seeing pictures of them just yet.
Be patient, my friends. The time shall come.
Well. See you later.

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at 2:58 PM Blogger Heidi said...

Enjoy your alone time. Once your baby comes it will be treasured even more. Can't wait to see your couches. We got ours last year and it is amazing how they change the look of a room.

at 5:52 PM Blogger Isabella said...

With all that time alone what ever will you do? Email old friends, lol. Just kidding. I get my alone time every Saturday as Nick works all day and then goes to hockey afterwards. I live for 7pm on Saturdays after I put Belle to bed and do something all my own. I agree, Solitude is sweet. But I sure do enjoy Sundays.

at 6:05 PM Blogger Angella said...

You'll just have to feed YOURSELF some grapes on your new couches :)

at 5:11 PM Blogger Lisa said...

I just saw the conference on the Edmonton news, but sadly, I did not see your husband, not that I could positively ID him anyways!


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