Friday, January 27, 2006

Puking at the Northgate Mall

A few of the mommy blogs I read feature entries all about projectile puke and poop. I wonder how moms get so accustomed to being exposed to vile bodily fluids all day long. It's a wonder.
All this talk of barf jogged a long-lost memory of mine. When I was a young girl I got tonsilits quite a bit. One time I was about four years old and we just gone to see the doctor who proclaimed that I, once again, had tonsilitis. I was feeling feverish, faint, and sick. My mom set me on a bench in the mall outside of the Shoppers Drug Mart where she went to fill my prescription for antibiotics. Before she left she gave me a piece of grape Bubblicious bubble gum to make me feel better.
Alone on the bench, I popped the gum into my little mouth. The piece of gum was quite large, but felt extra big due to my swollen and inflamed throat. I chopmed away, savouring the grape flavour that filled my four year-old mouth, but then I started to feel funny. Funny in my throat. The gum was just too much for the size of my sick little neck, and before I knew it I was gagging and then I threw up all over myself and the bench and the floor. I sat motionless, covered in my own vomit and waited for my mom to get back.
After what felt like an eternity, I saw her, with my one year-old brother in tow, and I started to bawl. Barfing on one's self is a fine reason to cry. My mom grabbed my hand and escorted me out of the mall without telling a store clerk or janitor. We just left with my puke splattered everywhere.
A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Amanda Brown at 2:19 PM



at 2:44 PM Blogger Jen said...

Aw ... my heart broke for you reading that story. :(

at 5:22 PM Blogger wandi said...

That story made me want to cry as well. Poor Amanda. Just think what delighful, pukie times your little darling will bring. And believe me you will have them. YOur mom is so cool, just walking out of the store the way she did.

at 1:06 PM Blogger Isabella said...

Mommyhood must not have tapped into my sensitivity yet because that story just made me laugh so hard. I can only imagine what it was like. I do believe if I just saw a little girl in the mall covered in puke I would be sad, but knowing it's one of your stories made me laugh. I too will leave puke in the mall.


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