Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An Aid

We have reached a stalemate in the baby naming quest.
I've still a white-knuckled hold on Anneliese, and refuse to give up hope. I think I am picturing Steve being so awed by my birthing skills that when he sees how hard I have worked to expel our baby girl he will look at me and be prepared to give me anything my heart longs for.
But if Steve decides to be a meanie and refuse to grant me my wish, we will need to have some other names to fall back on. So, I have ordered a baby name book that should be arriving soon. I have been thinking more about Natalia, and while it is beautiful, it doesn't grip my soul. It's just OK. And my baby is going to be so much more than just OK. She is going to be a wonder. So she'll need a wonderful name. (Like Anneliese.)
Last night I had a dream that I was on a big waterslide and my water broke and I started having contractions and I told people I needed to get to the hospital and they all told me to chill out and that they wanted to finish watching their TV program. I started to get really angry and I hollered, "Do you not realize that I am going to have a BABY?!"
Then I woke up.
Enthralling, I know.

Amanda Brown at 2:43 PM



at 3:19 PM Blogger Angella said...

We should go for lunch after you get the book...and we can peruse.

We're at a complete loss for ideas :)

at 3:21 PM Blogger KehlerGirl said...

Isn't it strange to have dreams that seem so real? I had a few of those when I was pregnant as well. When I was pregnant with Brielle I kept dreaming that I was having a black haired little boy, and here I ended up having a very blonde little girl.
Have fun with this pregnancy, enjoy every minute of it. Near the end you will get VERY tired of being pregnant but try to enjoy it anyways. Before you know it they're turning 3. It's CRAZY!

at 11:27 PM Blogger Isabella said...

I love baby name books. Sometimes it's fun to just talk about what you ABSOLUTELY will NOT be naming the baby. For example, friends of ours had a baby book where Dung was one of the options. They told people that was their choice for months, just cuz it obviously wasn't! Good times.

at 9:23 AM Blogger Michelle said...

Lily, Julia, Ava, Katie, Lauren....

at 11:10 AM Blogger Heidi said...

I didn't have a name for Brooklyn until about a month before I delivered. Then one day I was watching Life's little miracles on TLC and there was a little girl who was facing cancer whose name happened to be Brooklyn. From that day on I prayed I would have a girl so I could use that name. When you least expect it a name will come that you both love and agree on, even if it doesn't happen until she is born. Also, Avery wasn't on my list but when she was born we just knew that is who she was.


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