Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Pull

I am sick today.
For the past week I have been waking up with a raw and scratchy throat that tended to better as the days went on. But yesterday the sore throat lingered. And worsened. And my head was starting to get cloudy and I wanted to sleep for a week. There have been a lot of cold and flu bugs making the rounds, so I guess I was finally caught by one.
I got a dear friend to man the phones at the church and was relieved to have a day to rest and focus on getting well. After spending the majority of the day glued in a horizontal position on the couch watching the first five episdoes of season one of Grey's Anatomy, I can say that I am feeling more energetic, though still not fully back to 100% me. My nose is stuffy and runny, my eyes are watering, my throat is still scratchy, and I am itching to resume my position on the couch and watch the next five episodes of Grey's.
I think I needed a day to just rest and do absolutely nothing.
Perhaps getting sick is our bodies' way of telling us that we need to spend a day on the couch with nothing better to do than watch trashy TV.
I vow to listen to my body. It knows what it's doing.

Amanda Brown at 6:25 PM



at 6:51 PM Blogger Heather said...

Today my throat is killing me too... I'm taking zinc lozenges and vitamin C and special cold stop tea, and cold-fx. I don't want to admit I'm sick yet.

at 7:10 PM Blogger Kaili said...

Know what helps us out alot when we have scratchy throats? It's this tea from the food emporioum or any health food store, it's called "throat formula", it works great!
Hopefully you are feeling better soon, it seems like the cold bug has been running through these blogging links, as it seems everyone is writting about how they aren't feeling so swell!
Get better you Mama you!

at 8:44 PM Blogger Poetsch Family said...

Everyone seems to be sick these days. Hope you are feeling better soon.

at 9:48 PM Blogger Susie said...

I'm starting to get sick again too. What is with this stupid throat cold. It sucks. I hope you feel better. Watching Grey's Anatomy is the perfect cure. LOL

at 7:24 AM Blogger Angella said...

Poor Amanda! Take good care of yourself & Baby Brown & get better soon!

at 8:15 AM Blogger April said...

Doesn't it suck. I had the same thing it sounds like & its horrible... 150% more horrible than anyone else feels when they get the same thing cause you can't take anything to relieve the symptoms!! My doctor merely said - "Get some sleep".

It was good advice.

at 9:24 AM Blogger KehlerGirl said...

I'm sorry that you're sick Amanda. Being sick is no fun. Except for the part about laying on the couch and noone expecting you to do anything..haha. I hope that you get better soon. You need your health for that growing miracle.


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