Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hostess With The Least-ess

On Friday I hosted a birthday party for Adele. I had been looking forward to it all week; I love having a houseful of my favourite ladies. In preparation I tidied the house and thought I would be efficient and get the chocolate fondue ready a few minutes before people arrived. Our fonude set has been used on but a few occasions, so I just threw a few decapitated Easter bunnies in the pot, turned the flame onto low and proceeded to finish setting things up around the house.
I was a good girl and did not neglect the melting chocolate. I tended to it and stirred it every few minutes, and once it had melted to a velvety and smooth texture I turned the flame down as low as it could go, to keep the chocolate nice and warm.
Soon thereafter the smell of scorching chocolate hit my nostrils and I ran to the fondue pot to see that it was indeed burning. What the heck? I thought I had done everything right, but apparently not. I had to throw out the whole batch of chocolate, since the little bit that had charred marred the entire lot of it.
I also learned that the smell of burned chocolate lingers in the air for much longer than you'd think. All of my guests were greeted with the stench of scalded cocoa when they walked through my door. I felt like a loser, but what can you do? Welcome to my party. I think it's going to suck.
It wasn't so bad after that, though. We melted more chocolate and there were some experienced fondue experts to guide my way. The girls brought such yummy treats...we had strawberries, grapes, bananas, rice krispie squares, and gummy worms to dip in the chocolate, as well as lots of veggies with dip and birthday cake and chips galore.
Jen had really bad gas and no one wanted to sit next to her on the couch. Christy, Suzy, and Jen struck a pose, after Jen assured them that her flatulence was done for the evening. She lied. Seconds after this photo was taken, Jen let one rip and Suzy passed out.
It is so nice to have Christy back home. She was missed and we're happy she's back!
Thanks, girls, for being who you are. I love you all and am a lucky woman to be surrounded by such strength and beauty and wisdom.

Amanda Brown at 5:41 PM



at 7:02 PM Blogger Jen said...

It was a really fun night- despite all the cramping I had that came with the gas. LOL. I DID NOT have gas. I think it was my B.O. that kept everyone away that night- or maybe my lacking conversation skills. Or maybe it was the halitosis. hmmm ... I can see why I am so unpopular.

at 8:00 PM Blogger Isabella said...

Every time I prepare a fondue before hand I end up with scorched chocolate too! I've learned to start it melting once the folks arrive and as soon as it's smooth serve it, I dont think I'll ever be good enough for pre-made unscorched fondue, lol. I'm sure you're a great hostess!

at 9:58 PM Blogger Kaili said...

Don't be silly you were a great hostess!!! I had a wonderful time!
I did notice there was a funny in smell lingering around Jen!! So totally joking! :)
Loved the pictures. I was thinking later, we should have got a belly shot of all the prego Mama's. Next time. Maybe we can all cram into my little bitty house.
Thank you again!

at 10:03 AM Blogger Adele said...

Thanks Amanda for a lovely birthday party, this year has been one of the best birthdays ever thanks to you guys. So thank you for opening your home and you heart to me.


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