Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh How Lovely Is the Evening

Here's a shot of the real deal...the post-dinner profile.
There is definitely a bump there and it's filling out more every day.

Amanda Brown at 5:47 PM



at 5:52 PM Blogger Jen said...

That's more like it! Cute top.

at 5:58 PM Blogger Kaili said...

What a nice picture! You look GREAT!! Second Jen, I love the top!

at 6:00 PM Blogger Isabella said...

Wow, pregnant, new couches, traditional living room furniture, you guys are OLD.

at 6:15 PM Blogger wandi said...

Amanda I think you look absolutely beautiful.

at 6:30 AM Blogger Angella said...

Lookin as hot as ever!
And I dig the grown up furniture!

at 8:01 AM Blogger Adele said...

You really suit being pregnant you look so happy

at 11:48 AM Blogger christy said...

Are pregnant women allowed to look so hot? You truly have a radiance and a glow about you. Even more so than before.


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