Friday, February 17, 2006

I Only Had Two!

Last Jen came over and I suggested that we bake something sweet, like ginger cookies. So, we got out all the ingredients and made up a batch of the thick, brown dough (not before Jen managed to dump molasses all over my kitchen counter). We used a recipe from our rival cooking blog and was told that the dough would yield about 3 dozen cookies.
"I want to make big cookies, OK, Jen?"
"Sounds good to me!"
Famous last words.
The entire batch of dough made a mere TWELVE COOKIES.
Each cookie was soft, with a crackled top, and was as big as my head.
That seems to be the way I like my baked goods: head-sized.
Jen and I each ate two cookies.
Meaning, we both devoured one-sixth of the batch.
It was a good night.
We watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and scrapbooked. Actually, Jen brought over all of her scrapbooking supplies but forgot her scrapbook. Funny girl. Molasses spilling, scrapbook forgetting Jen.
She's great!

Amanda Brown at 1:23 PM



at 1:32 PM Blogger Angella said...

Rival blog, huh? I prefer the term SISTER blog :)

at 1:40 PM Blogger Amanda Brown said...

Of course I meant "sister blog"...yours is way more organized than our is. I am an html dummy!! :)

at 1:59 PM Blogger Jen said...

We should have just made two HUMONGOUS cookies. Then we can feel good about only having one (a.k.a six) cookies each. They were delish!

at 3:40 PM Blogger KehlerGirl said...

Good to hear that you're feeling better. It definitally MUST have been the cookies. Haha. Everyone has to partake in something like that once in awhile (or even more often that that.) Enjoy your "head-size" cookies. Oh, and you forgot the e in my name. - Abbey. Have a GREAT weekend.

at 2:14 PM Blogger April said...

Okay, so I just came down to the office to check to see if you posted yet what kind of baby you're having. Today is Saturday 2:15PM & I am impatiently waiting to hear the big news. At first glance I thought your title "I only had two" meant you were having twins. I'll just have to try again later


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