Friday, February 17, 2006


I am feeling better today. I was able to get up out of bed and not feel the need to curl up and die, so I took that as a positive. It's good to be back at work, and being busy keeps my mind off of the incessant sneezing and nose-dripping. Everyone wins.
Our computer was being wonky yesterday and refused to let me get onto the internet, so I was completely disconnected from all things blog-related for 24 hours.
And it felt bad.
Today I have been scurrying around from page to page trying to catch up on everyone's adventures from Thursday and I don't have time to comment on everybody's posts. I think I'll survive, but I just wanted to let you all know that I missed you.
I have updated my links, as you will see on the right. The list of people I know who are blogging is growing every day. As is the list of people I don't know, but feel like I do, in a weird internety sort of way. There are just way too many awesome blogs out there.
Bon weekend, tout le monde!

Amanda Brown at 11:28 AM



at 12:22 PM Blogger Heidi said...

I know you have been sick so I won't let you know how offended I am that I am not one of your links! Ha Ha just kidding. Since you haven't commented on my blog who knows if you even read it.

at 12:48 PM Blogger Jen said...

Glad you are feeling better Amanda. Must have been the goodness packed in to those tiny ginger cookies we made last night that healed you!

at 3:07 PM Blogger Lisa said...

Thank goodness! I was going through Amanda blog withdrawl since you usually update yours about twice a day. I was starting to wonder if you had your ultrasound yesterday so were too busy drinking large quantities of water to even blog!


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