Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Kind of Saturday

I woke up early this morning and started cleaning the house while still in my pyjamas. After I had put in a good three hours of organizing and dusting and laundering and sweeping, I phoned up my dear friend Adele and we decided to go have lunch at Zia's. There we partook of a lovely spread of hot pita sandwiches and caesar salad. Very delectable! After our noon meal, we cruised through the Tim Horton's drive through to pick up some goodies for Matt and Angella and we drove them out to Faulder. The Dykstras have been working far too hard over the past few months, due to the house fire they had in August. Their house is looking GREAT, though! Matt is an amazing craftsman and has done everything in the house himself...words can't describe the wonders he creates! Go, Matt, go!
It was nice to visit with Angella and just chat for a bit. I am glad she was up for some unannounced visitors.
When I came home, Rolo was itching to get outside, seeing as he had been trapped in the house while I was out. So I got changed, grabbed my ipod and my camera and we went for a nice, long walk. The air was so cool that my ears began to sting, but it was very invigorating. I listening to the crooning of Sara Groves and her music takes me to a wonderful place. Rolo was so happy to be out in the fresh air and I think he sniffed every shrub, bush, curb, and tree trunk that we passed.
It's sad to see the fall colours fade, and the tops of the mountains are being dusted by snow already! Since I hadn't really taken any autumn pictures this season, I thought that today might be my last chance, so I snapped a few. Granted, I was alone, so there are some more self-portraits, which I am sure you'll never tire of.

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did mine!

Amanda Brown at 8:20 PM



at 9:26 AM Blogger Jen said...

Sounds like a nice day. And I always love seeing a good self portrait. ;)

at 11:01 AM Blogger Becky said...

You are so good at taking those lovely self portraits. I tried the other day, but failed miserably. They always look so forced when I take them. Oh well!!

at 12:32 PM Blogger Angella said...

I think you'll have to give me self-portrait lessons - mine always look horrible

at 7:14 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree...My self portraits are always horrible too..I'm not sure if it has more to do with the picture I took or dislike of what i see in the picture.. There must be a fine art to taking self portraits and amanda dear, you have mastered it. Now give us all a lesson!!

at 7:29 PM Blogger Eternity In Our Hearts said...

Amanda: For the last little while it has been on my mind to post something to you. I think I've had to work up the courage to enter the "blogging world" :). I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. Whenever I get a chance when I'm on the Internet, I quickly get to your blog to see if you've posted anything new! I feel like we're able to stay in touch even though we're provinces away. Most of all, I really appreciate your honesty. Until our next chat...Kristin


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