Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I know, I know, you've all seen more than enough photos of my beloved pooch, but with all this talk of my friends wanting puppies, I thought I would once again brag about my dearest doggy and what a wonderful addition he has been to our lives. We got Rolo from some friends of ours who owned his parents. He is a German Shepherd and Sheltie cross, and the owners weren't too sure what the mismatched breed would look like, so they were giving the potentially homely puppies away. I am so glad that we scooped this little guy up. It's funny though, because Steve and I had been talking about getting a dog and had come to the conclusion that we were just too busy for one and would revisit the idea in a few years. The next day we were at our friend's place and the litter of six-week old pups were sleeping under a picnic table. As soon as I laid eyes on them, I knew we would not be going home without a puppy in my arms.
I chose a little blonde one who fell asleep in my arms. I cuddled him all afternoon and decided that he was a keeper. We tossed names around. I suggested Little Man Tate and Percy, but Steve scoffed at them both. However, when the name Rolo stumbled from my lips, we knew it was perfect. He was our dear little chocolate and caramel pup. Love at first sight.
I remember bringing him home, and we were completely unprepared. No kennel, no food, no leash, no nothing! We tried to set up a barricade in the kitchen with newspaper and a little mound of blankets for him to sleep on, but that didn't keep him from whimpering all night long. I would get up every few hours and reach over to rub his tummy until he would fall asleep.
The next day I laid on the couch with baby Rolo sleeping on my chest all afternoon. I marveled at his tiny eyelashes and the way his little chest rose with each breath (I know, cheesy beyond belief, but this was my first taste of nurturing a life). As magical as this time with my adorable puppy was, reality soon smacked both Steve and me in the face. We had been told that Rolo was trained to go piddle on the newspaper. They must have forgotten to include the words "anywhere but" from that phrase. He peed on the carpet. He peed on the tile. He peed in the bathroom. He peed on the stairs. He would pee and walk at the same time. We used our steamcleaner dozens of times each day!
As Rolo got older, he mastered the newspaper training, but would still have accidents every now and again. He went through a phase where he seemed to find the couch a cool place to drop his steaming turds. That was neat.

I loved teaching him tricks, and taking him for walks. He would get so tired if we went too far and then he would look up at me and give a little sigh, so I would pick him up and carry him home. So precious.

So, for any potential dog owners out there, GO FOR IT! It's so much fun, and worth the work.

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at 7:29 PM Blogger Jen said...

I'm almost convinced to get one. We just need to find a place to live where pets are allowed. :) I wonder if I'll become as strangely attached to my pet as you are?? (kidding, kind of, haha). One thing is for sure- there will be no dogs in my bed.

at 7:40 PM Blogger Becky said...

Our dogs are both members of our families. I just left a post about how caring Nikita can be. She does, indeed, sleep on my bed, Jen, and I love it. But I also don't have another person in there to keep me company, so my mind might change once that happens!

at 9:08 PM Blogger Lindsay said...

I would never give up my dog or cats for that matter. They are way to precious, and are worth thier wieght in gold

at 5:21 PM Blogger Momma said...

You know that I am gagaover my two pooches!Even when nobody else likes Nipper!Mitzi is my littlem princess----and she loves me!!


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