Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Gimp, Through and Through.

So, I think I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, or perhaps just tendonitis of the wrists. It's LAME. I have been working at a desk job for almost two years, and now these annoying problems seem to be popping up. I suppose that I should't really be surprised, though. I have always been a gimp; there is almost always something wrong with my body. Usually something minor, but very annoying.
I have a bad back that seems to get thrown out a few times a year and I have to have a chiropracter crunch my spine back into alignment; I have plantar fascitis, so if I take up running, my heel gets so sore that I can't bear weight on it (I went to see a podiatrist and they did a video analysis of my stride. He told me, "You walk like a duck. Now pay me 60 bucks for the diagnosis."); I get canker sores when I am stressed out; my neck goes all wonky if I sleep on it strangely, but it takes a week of immobility for it to go back to normal; I have had toe-nail fungus (sick, I know); I have broken both of my arms and sprained both of my ankles (not at the same time, thankfully); I have bad vision and should wear my glasses more often; I had impacted wisdom teeth and had to get them surgically extracted; I had moldy tonsils that grew cottage cheese tumours.
And the list goes on.
So, this nagging wrist pain is just a variation on the theme of my life.
But you know what? I am so thankful for all of the things that are going on correctly in my body. It's a miracle that I've got a beating heart, lungs that are being filled with air, veins laced through me coursing with blood. And I have legs that work, and eyes that work, and ears that work.
I am really thankful for all of those things.

Amanda Brown at 1:15 PM



at 6:02 PM Blogger Jen said...

I have another one. Remember when the skin on your back used to turn all blue because you spent so much time sitting in front of your heater in the morning? hahaha.

at 10:39 PM Blogger christy said...

Poor Manda, I think you're not eating enough Burgers with Ranch with me. We'll have to remedy that tomorrow. A little Arrested Development never hurt anyone either.

at 7:05 AM Blogger Michelle said...

Amanda, you should look into Yoga for your various ailments. Some poses are specific for CTS. Go to and look under poses.

at 8:30 AM Blogger sexy mrs. z said...

another thing you can do for carpel tunnel, a wonky neck and plantar fascitis...go see a registered massage therapist. call and ask first if they do treatments for those conditions. i know i have been trained to treat those. it's kinda cool actually. but yeah check it out. just an idea.



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