Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh, the Humanity!

I read quite a few blogs. I read blogs of people who live in California, Utah, Regina, and many other places. Some of the writers I know, others I just feel like I know because I gaze into their personal lives almost every day. I know the names of their children; I know their struggles with infertility, or depression or unemployment; I know what they eat for breakfast. This may be strange to some, but I think it's a really amazing way to share yourself with the world, and feel connected and as though you are not alone.
So many people are blogging these days, and I was thinking what it would be like to read everything that was posted in a single day. I'll bet that this month, millions of people have written about autumn and how it makes them feel. Perhaps they wrote about the beauty of it, the poignant transition of the seasons, or they posted pictures of their loved ones frolicking in the crunchy leaves.
We are all just human beings, wandering around this crazy planet, savouring the experiences that shape us, and dreaming of what lies ahead.
Here are some obligatory fall photographs. (They were taken last year. I'm hoping to snap some current pics this weekend.)

Amanda Brown at 5:00 PM



at 7:42 AM Blogger Michelle said...

Beautiful scenery Amanda. Reminds me a lot of Peace River, AB where we lived for a year. I miss it more now.


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