Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Coast Was Kind to Us

So, Steve and I made a quick trip to Vancouver this weekend, and it was just lovely. We arrived early Friday evening to a nice home-cooked meal at Aunt Jane's house, then got the grand tour of Trevor's new home, which is in the middle of huge renovations. It was nice to be back in the rainy city, as there are many memories held there from when Steve and I were dating.
On Saturday we went to Tom Lee (basically the hugest music store I have ever seen) and Steve yakked with the sales guys about synthesizers, recording equipment, and software for hours, while I twiddled my thumbs and tried not to break the $30,000 guitars. Steve was in heaven, so I waited patiently. Later that afternoon, Steve and his dad went out shopping for a gift for Bruce (Steve's uncle; Bob's fraternal twin brother) and they dumped me off at the Village at Park Royal, where I gleefully spent a few hours meandering through the shops, making the all-important stop at Old Navy (I bought two pairs of pants. One was $7, the other was $ was just dandy!)
Finally, the evening of the big soiree was upon us and we drove out to West Vancouver where Bruce and his wife, Lori, live. Neither Bob nor Bruce knew that such a big party had been planned; they were expecting a quiet family dinner. Bob's wife, Sue, and Lori had done a wonderful job of inviting all of the Brown brothers' old business friends, and Carey Hall buddies.
Bruce and Lori's home is unbelievably gorgeous, and everyone fely very welcome and happy to celebrate the big 6-5 with Bob and Bruce.

The dinner was catered and it was scrumptious. As you can see, Steve was enthusiastic about it.

This was Rolo's first trip to Vancouver, and he slept the whole way, there and back, on my lap. Usually I have to coerce him into cuddling, and hold him down with force, but he just hopped in my arms and nuzzled in. Protest I did not.

"One was fair and one was dark," quoth Grandma Brown.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and it was a treat to see so many great friends and family members.

Happy 65th to Bob and Bruce! We love you!

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at 7:37 AM Blogger Jen said...

Sounds so fun! Glad you had a great time and are safely home. :)


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