Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dinner Date

We have been friends with Matt and Angella Dykstra for well over a year. It has been so nice to get to know them, and their cute little blondies. Angella has been to our house many times, as the girls often meet there for Bible study, or what have you. But Matt had never set foot in our home before! Terrible, I know. We are all busy people, and we had been trying for the past year to get together with them for dinner. They had graciously invited us to their home a few times, but it didn't work out. So finally we nailed down a date the worked for us all, and they planned to come for supper on Tuesday of this week.
I was happy we were going to be hosting them, but then I started to think about what our menu should consist of and I started to panic. Angella is one of those super-moms who always has a cookie jar full of freshly baked goods for her husband's sweet tooth, there is always something delicious simmering in her crock pot, her kids are always dressed in cute clothes and playing happily, she works part time as a certified accountant, she's a devoted blogger, and she manages to do all of this while looking HOTTER than HOT!
What do you serve a super-mom for dinner?!
Do you try a new and exotic recipe, and take the risk that it might turn out to be inedible? Or do you stick with a classic dish and risk being thought of as a boring and untalented cook (which I may very well be, but only Steve is supposed to know that!). I started combing the internet for menu ideas, but was coming up with nothing. The dinner date was fast approaching, and I finally decided on what to serve. It was a new recipe. And one that I had kind of made up. Potential for disaster, right? But it all worked out all right.
The Dkystras arrived yesterday evening to a table set with with Chicken Pesto Lasagna, Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, and Salad Greens.
It was yummy, and I was thankful for that. Even better than the food was their company. It was so nice to just sit and talk, and watch Graham and Nathan chase Rolo around the ottoman.
Thanks for your friendship, you guys! We love you and look forward to when you're back in your house again! Have a great visit with your mom, Angella!

Amanda Brown at 11:00 AM



at 11:18 AM Blogger Jen said...

That dinner sounds delicious! I always have that same dilema when it comes to dinner guests. Glad it worked out for you.

at 11:46 AM Blogger Angella said...

You never cease to make me laugh Amanda! Funny that you find me a super-mom; I feel highly inadequate most days :)
We had a GREAT time with you guys, and we'll have you over for dinner when we get back in our house.

at 12:24 PM Blogger Angella said...

Oh, and the dinner was AMAZING!!!!


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