Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's Cool To Be Freaky.

My good friend Jen just wrote a post on her blog about how she and Jordan are so weird together; how they chase each other around the house naked, calling each other weird nicknames in deep voices. It made me wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall (hopefully a blind fly...I don't want to see nude body parts flapping down the hallway) and hear all of the crazy stuff that makes them laugh. And I wonder about every other married couple. Are there some that are just always rational and composed. Or are they all weird and quirky in their own special ways?
I think that of the Steve and myself, I am definitely the goofier one. Many times I will just bust out in a wild jig in the living room and start shaking my groove thang like there's no tomorrow and he just kind of smiles and rolls his eyes at me. But let me assure you that he has his moments.
After we had been dating for a while, we both started talking in this weird little voice to each other all the time, and we still do. And now more weird voices have been added. Whenever Steve calls me at work, I answer the phone, "Good afternoon, Summerland Baptist Church." Then there is this long pause. And then I'll know it's him and he says, in this high-pitched breathy voice, "Goooood afternoooon!" It gets me every time.
And when his radio alarm goes off in the morning and he's not quite fully awake, he will just start bopping his hips up and down to the beat of the music. Then I will join in. We won't even have said good morning to each other yet, but we will be shaking our bums to the music, sometimes for a few minutes.
And we write songs. When Steve got a new lap top a while ago, we were playing around with the functions and it had the funny drum beat that would repeat, so we wrote a song for it.
"Steve is swell, I know him well.
This makes me glad. He's good not bad
In life and in bed. He has a good head
on top of his neck,
We will through life trek, together...yeah.
We still sing it all the time.
And then there's what we do to our dog. Rolo has been given so many nicknames: Sharkman, Mister Man, Lolo, Lickman, Batman, Pirrhana, Mister Blister...the list goes on.
We still have tickle fights. Steve will pin down my arms with his knees and then tickle my pits until I scream in agony. It's terrible. Or if one of us toots in bed, then the other person gives their bum cheek a really hard pinch, which turns into an all-out pinching war, and the neighbours think I am a battered housewife, what with all the screaming.
So, all you married folk out there, tell me some of your weird quirks! It's kind of nice to know we're not the only bizarre people out there. I think that Jen and Jordan take the cake though!

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at 4:01 PM Blogger Jen said...

LOL! That's hilarious. I'm not sure if I want to be known as the weirdest couple, but as they say in Hollywood "no publicity is bad publicity". :) Sounds like you and Steve have just as much fun as Jord and I do. It's groovy being kooky!

at 7:20 PM Blogger Michelle said...

Jen and Jord are kooky. Have you ever heard Jord sing "Billie Jean" in falsetto? It is hilarious. I know that Paul and I quote movie lines to eachother all the time, in context, of course. Our kids know what we are talking about but our friends and family members think we are weird too.


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