Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Freaky Deaky

I think I must have eaten something strange before I went to bed yesterday, because the weirdest dreams danced in my mind all night long. The most vivid part of my dream was a part where I was told that I was going to have to have my wisdom teeth removed. Someone gave me this solvent that I was supposed to rub on my wisdom teeth that weakened them so they would be easier to remove. But for some reason I misunderstood and used an entire mouthful of the stuff like mouthwash. It swirled in my mouth and covered every tooth. A few seconds later, my teeth started falling out of my mouth. All of a sudden I was at Christy's house, and I was spitting out shards of my teeth all over he floor. I was so horrified, and I didn't know what was hapenning. More teeth kept dislodging, and my gums were aching and bleeding.
Then I woke up.
Very relieved to have all of my teeth.

Amanda Brown at 10:04 AM



at 10:21 AM Blogger Jen said...

Weird. Very weird. That would be a creepy dream.

at 10:26 AM Blogger April said...

I had almost that exact dream awhile back. Minus the Christy part. It all started with part of my retainer breaking off & then tooth at a time.


at 11:46 AM Blogger christy said...

I have teeth dreams like that all the time. IT's freay. Imagine my horror when a chunk of my molar broke off for real. Yikes! Makes you wanna floss doesn't it? Doesn't it? See, mouthwash is bad, flossing is better.

at 3:05 PM Blogger karen said...

I have totally had the teeth falling out dream -- I was just spitting out mouthfuls of broken teeth. I wonder what it means that we've all had that dream -- that or I wonder what we've all eaten to give us that crazy dream.

at 3:41 PM Blogger wandi said...

Hahaha. What a weird dream. Where do they come from. Sometimes I dream such weirdo ( freaky deaky ) ones that when I wake up I'm laughing out loud. Good thing I live alone cuz I might be comitted to a mental hospital if my dream escapades were ever recorded.


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