Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mango-Teeter and Pistin-Totter

As has become my annual tradition, I am going to visit my dear friend Kristin for the Remembrance Day long weekend. In years passed I have travlled via Greyhound bus, each trip swearing it would be my last on so foul a vehicle. But each year the cheap fares would seduce me and I would reluctantly board the smelly bus, sit next to a weirdo or two for the eleven hour trip from Summerland to Calgary. And each year the trip was worth it. This year, however, I found some cheap (that term is used somewhat loosely thanks to fuel surcharges and airport improvement fees) flights and will be soaring across the provinces in less than a week. I am excited!
Kristin is my Friend-for-Life. We grew up a block away from each other and have shared our lives together. It's kind of sad that we've gotten used to a mere two visits a year, but those visits are priceless to me. She means so much to me, and the minutes we get to spend face to face are invaluable. She challenges my faith, makes me laugh till my spleen throbs, and warms my heart with the love in her eyes. Those big, ol', soft brown eyes.
These are just a few pictures from some of our other visits. At the very top is when we bought little boys' tighty whities from Superstore in Calgary. And the two photos below that were taken when Kristin came to Capernwray to visit me in the spring. We were in the back of a truck, flying down the winding roads of the island.
And I was so thankful she was there.

Amanda Brown at 6:10 PM



at 7:29 PM Blogger christy said...

I'm glad you get to go see her but I'm afraid you will be sorely missed.

at 7:58 PM Blogger Jen said...

You two were always the best of friends. I'm glad you still have that relationship.

at 10:16 PM Blogger Isabella said...

I'm glad you take the time to come to Calgary. I know you're visits are precious, maybe I can seduce you two to stop by with my dear child?


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