Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soon and Very Soon We Are Going To See The King!

In less than a week, my parents and brother will be arriving from Regina for a visit. I am so excited for them to come and experience fall in the Okanagan, and it will be so nice to see them in person. I am sure that a few of the highlights of their visit will be:
1) My dad running up Giant's Head mountain. He is a maniac when it comes to running. He has gone for long distance runs six days a week for the last nearly 40 years. The man is a machine. When he comes to the Okanagan, he likes to torture himself on the many hills and for "fun" he sprints to the top of the highest peak in town. I am definitely my mother's daughter. We prefer exertion in the form of turning the pages in a book and lifting a strand of licorice into our mouths every few minutes.
2) My brother will eat 80 pounds worth of fruit leather. He loves that stuff, and since we get it at a discounted price through Steve's workplace, our pantry is full of it. After my brother's been here a week, however, all that will be left is a wake of "Fruit To Go" wrappers. He's a true piggy hog.
3) My mom and I will go out for coffee. This may sound like a trivial event, but I assure you that it is not. You see, I am married to a man who claims that the smell of coffee gives him a headache. I used to enjoy a steaming cup of joe in the mornings, but after we got married and I heard him weeping in the corner because the aroma of the coffee was making his brain shrivel, I stopped brewing it for good. Steve doesn't even like to set foot in a coffee shop, but I love spending my free time with a latte and a friend. Being the coffee addict that she is, my mom will take me out to a cafe and we will sip on the steaming goodness.
Can't wait to see you all, family!

Amanda Brown at 1:36 PM



at 8:09 PM Blogger wandi said...

Oh Amanda, I so miss you. You are so funny. Iv'e enjoyed reading your wonderful blogs. It's great to hear about your life in B.C. I hope you had a good time with your mom and dad, and Steven too. My advice to you about Steve's headaches and coffee. Tylenol extra strength! Wanda D


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