Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Premature Preparation

"But if you move to Vancouver and get engaged to Steve while you're living on the West Coast, then we'll never get to go wedding dress shopping together!" my mom exclaimed. "Just for fun, let's go try some on now, before you move."
The suggestion seemed harmless enough, so my mom and I went to some of the bridal boutiques in downtown Regina to try on some gowns, so as not to miss out on such a grand mother-daughter experience.
The pushy sales lady began hauling in dress after dress for me to try on. Some were nice; others looked as though they had been assaulted by a horrible maching gun that spewed 80's lace in violent patterns.
I stepped out of the change room in one of these not-so-dreamy dresses and my mom ooed and ahhed, and we had our wedding dress moment. The ladies at the store knew that I wasn't even engaged, and they were kindly humouring me by letting my try the gowns on just for fun.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an interesting dress on the discount rack, in a clear plastic bag.
I asked to try it on.
It was lovely.
And only $199.
(I'm all about the deals, you know!)
Long story short: I bought the dress. Yes, before I was even engaged. I didn't tell a soul. What kind of desperate loser buys her wedding dress before there's even a ring on her finger?
A few months later, Steve and I got engaged and I confessed, "I've been keeping something from you." The blood drained from his face and I think he was afaid I was going to tell him that I had eight children already, living in Morocco, and that I used to be a man.
"I bought my wedding dress last year," I said sheepishly.
He smiled and was very happy to hear about the discounted price.
I loved my wedding dress and I felt like a princess on our big day. That premature preparation was worth it.
Which brings me to my latest purchase: this diaper bag.
No, we are not expecting. But I hope that one day we will have kids, so I've started collecting things, like a neurotic squirrel gathering nuts before the winter. So far I've got a jogging stroller, a nursery set complete with a crib, change table and dresser, and now this diaper bag.
Being prematurely prepared for my wedding day yielded beautiful fruit, so I figure there's no harm in getting ready for the next big event early!

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at 3:51 PM Blogger Angella said...

I'm all for preparation! Plus, the diaper bag is pretty neat :)

at 6:43 PM Blogger Jen said...

Nothing like getting ready early! You crack me up. Seriously, do start buying in advance when you see things you love or when you come across a great deal. It really adds up in the end and when you are preggo, you'll have so much on your mind that you'll forget half the things you need. :)


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